Obama owns the Oil Spill

More dangerous than the Exxon Valdez, more damaging than Katrina. In its first large test of Emergency Response, the Obama Administration left the Gulf Coast to fend for itself. What the hell tho, right? It is a shame and it is a growing scandal. The ineffectiveness of government action will kill the fishing towns and industries that make Louisiana the No.2 producer of seafood in America. We can just start calling the ghost towns already starting to form on the Gulf Coast “Obama Villages.”

Eleven days ago, oil began to leak from the oil rig in deep Louisiana waters. And eight days later, the vaunted Obama administration finally sprang into action. What was the hurry, right? I mean, there only so many different species of wildlife on the coast that the place is like a zoo. And endangering the habitat for many of these species will only end in extinction. So what’s the big deal?

It’s Louisiana. What kind of electoral votes is Obama going to get from Louisiana, right?

I just want it shown this puts the lie to the Obama apologists chant that nothing is this administrations fault and it’s all about who came before. If we were in a Republican administration, we would all be rightly admonishing the government for not acting quicker. And if the Republican administration had gone EIGHT DAYS without acting, they would be called Environmental Criminals. In fact, Obama would be blaming this on the Republicans and proclaiming himself champion of environmentalist wackos everywhere if he hadn’t come out with the first moderate proposal of his administration and recommended studying offshore drilling a couple of weeks ago.

Think that’s dead, now? Duh. What a stupid, cynical world we live in. That we let environmentalists put so much red tape and court action on domestic land drilling is the biggest reason we rely so heavily on off shore. That’s just stupid. We have over 2.5 trillion barrels of oil right here in the United States. That’s nearly twice as much as all the known oil reserves worldwide. We have NO OIL SHORTAGE. What we have is a shortage of willpower, and a shortage of ability to tell ENVIRONMENTALIST WACKOS that Peak Oil is nothing but a childs scary bedtime story (its abiotic folks). We have a duty to provide oil as the engine of democracy and modern industrial success and not be led around by the nose by utopian delusionals trying to get the rest of us to follow some luddite screed.

Domestic oil production, more refineries, stop the Green profiteering and make America independent. The Exxon Valdez eventually spilled 250,000 gallons of oil into the ocean. This oil rig is doing it at the rate of 5,000 gallons a day, without a sign of abating. Every tree hugger owes a duty to go down and help clean up the mess their actions helped create by preventing companies from deriving energy from the land.

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