Melissa’s For Decriminalizing Pot!

Down with the Good Herb.

I ran into Melissa Fox, candidate for the 70th Assembly District (Irvine, Laguna Hills etc.) at tonight’s Democracy For America meeting, and remembered that I had promised some commenter here to get a straight answer from her about marijuana. It wasn’t hard at all.

“I’m totally in favor of decriminalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana!  Of course, that’s a no-brainer!”

“You know I’m a loud-mouthed blogger.  This isn’t like just talking to a friend.  This is going out on California’s biggest political blog tonight.  You realize that.”

“No problem.  I’ll say this to anybody.  Just, nobody’s ever asked me.  They just assume that since my Dad’s a cop I would say no.”

“What about what happened in Lake Forest with that dispensary?”

“I don’t know enough about that particular case to comment on it.   But I do support decriminalizing pot nationally, and this state is a good place to get that started. Like Brandeis said, it’s our laboratory of democracy!”

Certain politico-type worry-warts in hearing distance later groused, “She shouldn’t have told you that.  I would have warned her to answer more conservatively.”  To which I would have responded “LOL,” but as it was real life, I merely laughed.  Melissa’s a rare honest uncalculating politician.  Let’s get the word out around UCI about Melissa this fall, while the marijuana initiative is also on the ballot, and teach these worry-warts a lesson about taking a bold stand for the right thing!

Oh, in case you didn’t know, her two most likely Republican opponents Choi and Wagner are firmly against both legalization and the presence of medical marijuana dispensaries in AD70.

NOW, follow me over the flip for more fun:

Help FireDogLake come up with a slogan for their cannabis campaign.

That’s right, in between all their work pushing for financial reform and a public option in health care, FireDogLake is also working on this California measure.  (That’s something the FDL community voted on!)  Today they’re inviting you to help them decide on a slogan.  I went with “Just Say NOW,” but there are a lot of other good candidates here:

  • Just Say Now
  • Just Say No – To Prohibition
  • Stop Supporting Cartels
  • Marijuana Never Stole Your 401k
  • Liberty. Legalize Marijuana
  • Prohibition: Stupid Then, Stupid Now
  • Marijuana: Pass it
  • Prohibition Kills
  • Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Reform
  • End Prohibition Again
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Grass is Greener

…While several states will vote in the coming election for legalization and medical marijuana, the war on drugs will be a potent political issue for years to come. The big solution to so many of our problems – from immigration to failing state economies – is to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana.

Firedoglake will be at the forefront of this fight, but we need a name first.

Click here to vote!

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