Local attorney will play golf all day to help raise money for mission work

Bruce Peotter and his family want to raise money for mission work by playing golf!

Our friend Bruce Peotter, who is a local attorney and Republican activist, is looking for sponsorships so that he can raise money playing up to 100 holes of golf, on May 10, for a charitable organization that funds missionary work.  Here are the details:

Dear Friend:

I still need your help!  Only 7 more days before I play 100 or more holes of golf in one day in the 14th annual Keynote 100 Dawn to Dusk Golf Marathon on May 10th.  This year, Kelly is playing, too!

We are almost 60% of the way to my personal goal is to raise over $100 per hole to help Keynote expand its opportunities to proclaim the gospel around the world.  By sponsoring me with a tax-deductible gift for $2, $1, $.50, $.25, or even $5 per hole (any flat amount works, too!), you will be contributing more than money… you will be helping thousands of people all over the world hear about the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Simply e-mail me with your address and the amount per hole (or a flat amount is OK, too) that you want to sponsor me.  It’s much more painless than playing the 100 holes!  Find out more at www.keynote.org.  If you would like to sign up online to sponsor me, visit www.keynote.org/golf/brucepeotter. After you submit your sponsorship information you’ll have the option to fulfill your commitment immediately if you so desire. If not, Keynote will send you a thank you letter informing you of the number of holes I played and the amount of your sponsorship following the event.


 Law Office of Bruce Peotter

1432 Edinger Avenue, Suite 200

Tustin, California 92780

Telephone:  714.597.6515

Fax:  949.250.7116

e-mail: bruce@peotter.com

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