Legislature trumps voters due process for Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors electric vehicle

We have all read that the Obama Administration has thrown megabucks at various bailouts in an effort to create jobs. While I won’t debate the $300 million federal subsidy to Tesla Motors to produce electric cars, for our Local Government Committee to vote unanimously, 9-0, to create a redevelopment area by legislative fiat, when Tesla was not seeking this support, is unconscionable.

Members of our Legislature have engaged in the city of Downey decision making by creation of an urgent bill that involves a $30 million dollar subsidy to Tesla Motors whom I understand did not request this handout. Eventually that tax increment will be taken away from LA County at a time when services throughout the state are being cut or eliminated entirely.

Should AB 2065 become law, and the city of Downey creates a project area for Tesla that is not subject to a Referendum or CEQA challenge, confirms that we have socialists on both sides of the aisle in our state Legislature.
From what I have been able to ascertain, the next step in the legislative process for Charles Calderon/Hector DeLa Torre’s AB 2065 is the Appropriations Committee.

Included in the Bill is the following text:

“This bill would authorize the redevelopment agency of the City of Downey to add described territory to a redevelopment project area within the city upon the adoption of an ordinance adopted by the city council that contains specified time limitations and restrictions.
The bill would exempt the adoption of the amendment of the redevelopment plan to add the specified territory of the City of Downey from various requirements. The bill would authorize the agency to subordinate to bonded debt the amount required to be paid to an affected school entity upon a finding that the agency will have
sufficient funds available to pay both the bonded debt payments and the required payments.
The bill would make a legislative declaration regarding the need for a special statute.”

“The bill would make a legislative declaration regarding the need for a special statute.
This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.”

I am disappointed to see three Republican members of this committee, Knight, Logue and Chairman Cameron Smyth, voting in lock step with the Democrats and one Independent member to usurp local voters due process by this power grab where the citizens cannot challenge the bogus finding of blight.

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