“Larry’s picks” for the June 8th primary

Actually it ends May 24, but do it NOW!

As all registered voters have received Voter Guides for the June 8th Primary Election it is time for me to issue “Larry’s Picks.”

We wonder why millions of voters stay home every election cycle. Voter apathy is rampant. You have no idea how many Republican voters are becoming more cynical every time they see GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman ads on TV attacking Steve Poizner. Instead of proposing solutions to our states massive financial problems the vast majority of her campaign effort is focused on a scorched earth policy that will only result in more disgruntled voters staying home in November.

Unlike the CRA or CRP it’s not a case of simply saying “no endorsement” where the primary candidates lack 2/3rds vote of approval from the rank and file, I will stick my head out on some of the following “picks.”  That said, there will still be a few races where I will not provide a recommendation.

Knowing that I am about to issue my picks, several high profile Republicans have suggested I look at all facts in suggesting candidates. First and foremost is how much money they have in the bank to fund a competitive race. Regardless how they fare in June can they win in November?
“Larry’s picks” reflect my selection and should not be construed as simply picking winners whose track record I simply don’t support.

This year’s list is based on my direct contact with, or evaluation of, the candidates by other conservatives whose vetting I trust.  Sadly, there are candidates in every election who try to buy the office they seek. This primary election being a great illustration. As indicated below there are some races where I am recommending the underdog.

“Larry’s picks” follow the sequence as published in our 71st AD voter guide.
At the end I will also include candidates that I will be recommending in other races.

Governor. Steve Poizner. Note: This has been one of the ugliest and expensive negative campaigns in recent years. And you wonder why voters are turned off.

Cynicism is rampant in CA. At a time when we should be focusing on voter registrations and getting out the vote, the airwaves and mailers are devoted to he said, she said, instead of offering cutting edge solutions to our states $20 billion dollar shortfall.

Lieutenant Governor. State Senator Sam Aanestad.

Sec. of State.  Damon Dunn. Note: FYI. Orly Taitz is the “birther” advocate.

Controller.  State Senator Tony Strickland. A solid conservative who took Tom McClintock’s seat.

Treasurer Mimi Walters. Uncontested.

Attorney General. John Eastman. Former Dean of Chapman Univ. School of Law. John saved Filipino Baptist Church in Long Beach from an “eminent domain” taking.

Insurance Commissioner.  No recommendation.

State Board of Equalization. 3rd District. Michelle Steel.

United States Senate. Chuck Devore.

U.S. Representative 42nd District. Lee McGroarty.

Member of the State Assembly. Note: Uncontested primary. Jeff Miller.

Note: There is an ongoing effort to take over the GOP Central Committee by some new faces due to a rift between the “establishment” and the “grass roots.”

While 2010 is the year to dump Congressional incumbents, and whereas I have had my own issues with the Central Committee, I personally know and will be voting for every name on this (71st AD) list. Those following the elected members will see that I have removed an incumbent and am supporting a new challenger in this report.

Central Committee 71st AD. Note: Vote for six.

Tony Beall, Jon Fleischman, Todd Spitzer, Jack J. Anderson, Marcia Gilchrist and Mark Dobrilovic. Mark served as MC for the 2009 & 2010 TEA Parties held in M.V.

Judicial. Office #2. Scott Steiner is unopposed.

Judicial office #13. Nick Dourbetas is unopposed.

Judicial office #16. Andy Manssourian

Judicial office #39 Cheri Pham is unopposed.

Judicial office #50  Julian W. Bailey

Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Diane A. Lenning

County Superintendent of Schools William M. Habermehl is unopposed

County Board of Educ. Trustee area #5.  No recommendation

County Supervisor 5th District. Patricia C. “Pat”  Bates is unopposed

Assessor.  Claude Parrish

Auditor/Controller  David E. Sundstrom is unopposed

County Clerk-recorder  Hugh Nguyen

D.A. Tony Rackauckas is unopposed.

Public Administrator.  No recommendation.

Sheriff-Coroner.  Craig Hunter

Treasurer-Tax Collector. No recommendation.

Proposition #13 YES

Proposition #14, #15, #`16 and #17  NO

Mission Viejo Measure D. Right to Vote  YES

Additional recommendations:

Congressional District #49  Darrell Issa

State Assembly 70th District. Don Wagner

OC BOS 4th District. Robert Shawn Nelson

Central Committee 70th AD
Megan Barth, Allan Bartlett, Tom Fuentes, Dick Nichols, Scott Voigts, Mary Young

Central Committee 72nd AD
Zonya Townsend, Bruce Whitaker

Central Committee 73rd AD
Craig Alexander, Nancy Padberg

Final comment. i.e. Non-partisan races. If in the race for OC Sheriff no candidate gets over 50% of the votes cast there will be a runoff election between the two with the highest number of votes.

In partisan races, such as governor, the candidate with the highest number of votes will be the GOP standard bearer in the November General Election.

As always your comments are encouraged and welcome!

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