eMeg lands coveted Darth Cheney nod

'That Poizner fella can go f--- himself.'

The Orange Juice blog heartily congratulates thick-necked billionaire gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman for snagging the endorsement of the Republican Party’s reigning senior statesman, Richard Bruce Cheney – sometime CEO of Gulf-destroying Halliburton and mastermind of the Iraq debacle!

No doubt the snarling cyborg admires Ms. Whitman’s clever investment in Goldman-Sachs “vulture funds” to reap personal financial gains off California’s wave of foreclosures, much as his own business interests skyrocketed off the unprecedented swath of destruction he unleashed across the globe during his six years as Shadow President.

Maybe this is just the boost the thick-necked princess needs to keep her lead over that upstart Poizner snapping at her heels, as they outvie each other in Mexican-bashing.  But I don’t know, given Cheney’s sub-20% approval ratings, perhaps not?  Republican readers, throw me a bone here, and take the Cheney-endorses-Whitman poll over the flip!  (And I just read that the average California GOP primary voter is over 50, so let’s not have too many of you “young guns” gumming up the works here)  :

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