Caution. Copy machines store images on hard drives

Copier hard drive will retain images of all your copies

 The following five minute video of a CBS investigative effort,  was just sent to me by a family member. Are you aware that every copier sold since 2002 contains a hard drive that stores every image? Consider what we copy every day. 

Your private, or business data, be it financial, medical and legal communication has been stored on a hard disc buried inside your machine.
So if you have any plans to trade it in, or simply send it to be recycled when you purchase a replacement, let me suggest that you open it up and remove the drive. One option for businesses to consider is encryption equipment.  

Note: Getting 100 emails per day this one fell thru the cracks. A property rights  colleague in LA sent the same report to me a month ago. However, we should be aware of the exposure as depicted in the CBS report. Video Link follows below. 

From Slashdot.itwbennett writes “In a letter to US Representative Ed Markey, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said that the FTC has begun contacting copy machine makers, resellers, and office supply stores to inform them about privacy concerns over the images that can be stored on the machines’ hard drives and trying to ‘determine whether they are warning their customers about these risks … and whether manufacturers and resellers are providing options for secure copying.'”

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