Board of Voice of OC includes 2 defense lawyers, yet they rip Shawn Nelson?

Has Voice of OC Board Member Jess Araujo defended any sex offenders?

Do the members of the Board of Directors of the increasingly lame Voice of OC website even bother to read the tripe they are publishing?

There are no less than seven lawyers on their board, including their Chairman, retired State Senator Joe Dunn, and criminal defense lawyers Jess Araujo and James J. Brosnahan, yet they recently published a post about Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, who is running for the 4th Supervisorial District, ripping him for being a defense lawyer.  The post was entitled “Has Nelson Defended Sex Offenders?”

I wonder if Araujo and Brosnahan have defended any sex offenders?  I bet they have!  But you know what, who cares?  Even sex offenders are entitled, by law, to a defense.  That is how our system of justice works.

The rest of the lawyers on the Voice of OC board of directors include retired State Senator Martha Escutia (more on her later in this post); Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the new law school at the University of California, Irvine; Stephen M. Garcia, another trail lawyer, who, like Dunn, makes a living suing businesses; Thomas V. Girardi, another trial lawyer who makes a lot of money suing businesses.  Brosnahan also is a trial lawyer.

Dunn and Escutia started a new law firm this year, which they are calling the Senators Law Firm, and they are doing so in conjunction with political consultant and lobbyist Richie Ross, according to Capitol Weekly.  Their plans include suing a whole bunch of businesses and also doing lobbying.  Filthy!

Nelson runs a pretty diverse law firm.  Yes, he does do defense work.  But just look at what the creepy lawyers on the Voice of OC’s board do – they sue businesses, killing jobs and screwing up our economy even more with every passing day.

Dunn does not yet have a functional website.  He has purchased, but there is nothing there yet.

Is it just me or does it look rather fishy for the Voice of OC to be chaired by a guy who is also running a firm that is doing lobbying and political consulting?  And now they are ripping a fellow lawyer even though no less than seven lawyers sit on their board of directors, including two criminal defense lawyers?

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