Trash Talking in Mission Viejo

Someone's trash is another person's treasure

On Monday, May 3rd the Mission Viejo City council will engage in some serious trash talking.
When you are about to issue a 10 year Contract that could reach $100 million dollars, we are no longer talking “chump change.” 

There were four bidders responding to the city’s RFP who were evaluated by the firm of Sloan Vazquez. The bidders are: Athens Services; CR&R; Ware Disposal Co.and Waste Management of Orange County (who is our current trash hauler). 

Each member of the council was invited to go on a tour of their facilities with the consultant. The Sloan Vasquez recommendation was based on the following scoring system: 

1) Each of the four bidders passed with regards to the responsiveness to the RFP 
2) Qualifications & experience   Max score  250   % of total evaluation  25% 

3) Proposal for Collection  Services   250         25% 

4) Solid Waste Diversion/Disposal  Plan  200           20% 

5) Cost Proposal  200         20% 

6) Financial Ability 75          7.5% 

7) Lack of Exceptions to Draft Contract    25           2.5% 

Larry, cut to the chase. Who are they recommending? 

 Oh, you can’t wait! 

Waste Management scored highest in 4 of 6 categories and has a 95.1% of total points awarded. Coming in second with 91.0% was CR&R followed by Athens at 88.5% and Ware Disposal coming in last at 77.6% 

The staff report, Item #11,  states that: “Sloan Vazquez has completed the evaluation and ranking of the proposals, based on the scoring system in the approved RFP, and ranked the proposals from high to low, as follows: 1) Waste Management of Orange County, 2) CR&R, Inc., Athens Services, and 4) Ware Disposal.” 

“The next step in the process is the negotiation of a final franchise agreement.” 

Our current residential rate with Waste Management is $14. Their proposal, that is subject to negotiation by the council, calls for a reduction to $13.74 which is the highest cost of all four bidders. I am told that they will lock in that rate for the first two years. Trash removal pricing in all subsequent years will be subject to a COLA. 

One major advantage for W/M is that they have been providing this service for 10 years and have a fleet of natural gas trucks and experienced drivers serving our city.  I have not looked at the commercial aspect of the RFP which was part of the overall ranking.

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