Hannibal est porta

After the election of Barack Obama in 2008, leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties believed that America was ready for a healthy dose of European Socialism. I’m not trying to be contentious. The definition is clear. One cannot point to a single program that the Socialist parties of Europe would embrace that the Democrat party would not. Frankly, its also true that the Republican party dabbled in its own technocrats like Romney and Crist. The leadership of the GOP has not been all that bright for more than a decade. But along the way to the New Frontier of Progressivism, something happened. Today, in capital cities all across America, people who don’t have faith that the government class is actually making their lives better are rallying and crying for the right “to be left alone”. These activists, energized by their opposition to nationalized health care, have actually begun to understand the transformative proposition of the American experiment. Smaller government is a moral end.

Libertarian-ism is mainstream. Ron Paul is statistically tied with Barack Obama. More people identify with the Tea Parties than anyone else. And they feel utterly unrepresented in Congress. They know that, despite what the government class claims, they will pay $13 billion more in taxes over the next 10 years. While the government class has seen its paychecks rise 115% since 1990, the private sector has risen 69%. Health, pension and other benefits for the government class are FOUR times that of the private sector worker.  One of the big issues that drove Sen. Scott Browns re-election, besides Health Care, was a pay freeze. People are beginning to recognize they are being robbed. 

 The federal civilian workforce has become an elite island of secure and high-paid workers, separated from the ocean of private-sector American workers who must compete in today’s dynamic economy.

But the reaction in the American psyche to this destructive and unpopular binge is much more than about just money and the greed of the government class and its acolytes. And the gold standard probably won’t catch on. Although it would be a great idea. No, the middle America reaction to “Democrats Gone Wild” is also a response to the attack on the very culture and society that made this country the last best hope of mankind. Its finally a reaction to the insipid freaks and wackos that scream “racist slave state!” “imperial war monger!” and the rest of the H.R. Puffenstuff menagerie. Hard working folks who mind their business have finally had enough of the negative atmosphere the government class and its hanger-ons push on America and everything that distinguishes it from Europe.

The ACLU and other Civil Rights Organizations have the same problem the March of Dimes had when a vaccine for polio was discovered. Like every government class job, once its done its job, it doesnt just go away. It keeps looking for reasons to be. And, like every government class agenda, its target is American tradition, American religion and American exceptionalism.

So the Civil Rights Commission in Davenport, Iowa, decided it needed to recommend that Good Friday be changed to “Winter Holiday” “to better reflect the city’s diversity and maintain a separation of church and state”.
All that gobbledygook means, “E Pluribus Unum”, From Many One, not good enough. Traditions? Not good enough. We know better than everyone who came before us. If you like Good Friday, you’re just a country bumpkin. If you think that people who come to this country should appreciate and adapt to the traditions of the country they want to be a part of, you’re just a racist pig. People who show you no appreciation or respect should be respected and appreciated. The fact that the freeest country in the world was been built by people, nearly all whom celebrate Good Friday, means nothing.

So women march topless in Portland, Maine to protest that women going topless is the same as men going topless. And they were shocked, “Shocked I say!”, and appalled, that men turned out to watch the protest parade, with cameras. This is because, to the government class and their acolytes, they want you to believe that there is no difference between a man and a woman. Or that everyone looks at bodies the same way. A proposition so idiotic that you have to be a secular religious nutjob and have gone to Graduate School to even argue it.

Or the Maine Human Rights Commission set out to accomodate transgender students from K-12. Their answer? Abolish boys and girls bathrooms and locker rooms. You go where you say you feel like you belong. There are no medical guidelines for a transgendered child. Today you wake up and say you feel like a girl, you go and shower with girls. I’m not being sarcastic. I’m stating fact. This is like eliminating peanut butter at lunch because a student is allergic, despite the fact that the CDC reports almost no peanut allergy deaths, at all, ever.

There is almost nothing to back up any of these outrageous dogmatic beliefs, except that their holders have faith they are true.

Now, all of these events happened. But the Commission in Iowa rescinded its proposal after the outcry. And the Commission in Maine shelved its proposal because of public notice. And the march in Portland was really just a funny little show for a few people with two much time on their hands. But they might have gone by without a nod or a word, had America not been waking up to the fact that their country, their way of life and their national character was under attack.

“Hannibal est porta” was something the Romans used to tell their children to get them to pay attention. The Barbarians are at the gates, and now we are alert.

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