Senator Lou Correa did NOT attend a Tea Party or call Obamacare ‘socialist.’

Last night, our new blogger Zorro noticed an odd item in an Orange County Local News Network story, claiming that Santa Ana / Anaheim Democratic State Senator Lou Correa showed up at the Santa Ana Tax Day Tea Party, and announced re. Obama’s recent healthcare reform bill, “Call it what you want, it’s socialism and communism.”

A man-bites-dog story for sensible Lou to make such a far-fetched and manipulative claim, Zorro quickly posted it here.  But when I got out of choir rehearsal and saw it, I said to myself, “That CAN’T be right!  Lou knows better than that!”  So I went to the original story, read it twice, suffered through the Scott Baugh interview on the attached video – and not a mention of Lou (although he IS still on the “tags” at the bottom of the story.)

Zorro insisted that the Lou quote had been there earlier though, and sure enough, when I inquired with OCLN author Erik Holmes, he responded “Yes, it was. I was multi-tasking while writing — never a good idea, even if sometimes a necessity — and put Correa’s name in there by mistake. I realized the mistake and deleted it.”

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