Red County tosses Allan Bartlett because he wouldn’t shill for Cunningham

Allan Bartlett (on the right) and Barry Goldwater

I had a nice chat with Red County publisher Chip Hanlon yesterday.  I had copied him on an email wherein I complained about Red County editor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham.

What happened was that Cunningham submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the employer of a friend of mine, who works for a public university program, and he specifically asked for any emails that were exchanged between my friend and myself.

As I told Hanlon, I considered this stalking and didn’t like it one bit.  Hanlon surprised me by telling me that he is working on a new policy that will prohibit Cunningham from attacking others over at Red County – such as myself, and our blogger Tony Bushala.

I was pleased to hear that, but today I found out that Hanlon has cut his blogger Allan Bartlett instead, apparently in a snit because Bartlett isn’t shilling for Cunningham.  Here is how Bartlett put it in a comment over at the Friends’ for Fullerton’s Future blog:

I agree wholeheartedly with Tim. This is disgusting. I don’t care how Matt tries to spin this. He has a right to make a living and work for whoever he wants to, but doing this and then acting like he is the only voice of conservative reason at Red County just doesn’t cut it. It’s obvious for everyone to see. Just to let everyone know, my login at Red County was disabled by Chip without telling me on Sunday night because I haven’t taken a more pro active role in defending Matt on this issue and on Tony saying that he wants to put Matt out of business. While I don’t agree that anyone should be put out of business, I don’t have control over what Tony or anyone else here at FFFF may post about this issue. The fact of the matter is, I’m not going to defend the indefensible by Matt….period. If Red County doesn’t want me anymore because I won’t carry that water, fine by me.

Wow.  It is hard to believe that Hanlon would toss the respectable Bartlett and keep Cunningham, who of late has been shilling for Democrat Tom Daly and carpetbagger Harry Sidhu, instead of supporting Republican O.C. Clerk-Recorder candidate Hugh Nguyen and conservative 4th Supervisorial District candidate Shawn Nelson.  Both Nguyen and Nelson were endorsed by the OC GOP – but Cunningham is attacking them at Red County and propping up Daly and Sidhu instead.

Well, I guess the Red County investors are OK with allowing Cunningham to destroy their blog completely. 

I hope Bartlett starts up his own OC GOP blog.

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