Reagan knew the solution to our immigration problems

What to do about our immigration “crisis?”  Simple.  Just listen to what President Ronald Reagan had to say. 

He is not with us today so all we are left is his legacy and his words.  Amesty and tough provisions against those who hire the undocumented – that was the Reagan immigration agenda.

President Obama should pay heed.  It is time once more for Amnesty. 

But why stop there?  We need to make it easier to come here.  Immigrants pay thousands to be smuggled here.  Why not let them pay our government instead?

As for employer sanctions, the fact is our employers have a hell of a time competing with foreign countries, where workers make a lot less.  They need help.  They hire the undocumented so they can pay less and try to be more competitive.

What we need is to get rid of the minimum wage, for starters.  Good workers will always end up making more money, and lazy, unproductive workers will get fired or make a very low wage.  Getting rid of the minimum wage will also help young people compete in the marketplace.

And we need to lower the tax burden on employers.  There is a reason why California has the highest unemployment rate in the country – we are taxing everyone far too much!

Lastly, we need to reign in the lawyers.  Workers comp rates are going through the roof again and litigation costs businesses in our state millions of dollars.  Enough!  The trial lawyers are bankrupting California.  Small wonder then that they are part of the Democratic Party’s base.

Here is a simple fix – if a workers comp case turns out to be fraudulent, the claimant attorney must pay the employer for any legal costs he incurred. 

So there you go – we need another amnesty.  And our employers need help so that they won’t have to resort to hiring underpaid immigrants.  Lower their taxes, get rid of the minimum wage and put the brakes on trial lawyers.

What about Mexico?  Again, the solution is simple.  Defuse the drug war by decriminalizing drugs in our nation.  Make peace with Cuba so we can increase trade in the entire Western Hemisphere (Mexico already has full diplomatic relations with Cuba).  And encourage investors to build retirement housing in Mexico so we have somewhere to send all our retiring government workers!

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