Obama faces the Pitch Forks!

President Barack Obama is currently on a roll.  Things are going his way in small baby steps.  The recent job numbers is an important issue….because it is truly a non-partisan issue.  The whole country wants jobs.  Bureaucratic jobs, manufacturing jobs, service jobs or anything that even resembles a job!  The job numbers had kept falling and falling like a stone until the lastest report.  162,000 jobs is obviously no big deal in a country with 307 million people.  But up is up!  One thing is for sure…as job losses continued, the President’s approval numbers followed.  This may stabilize his Poll ratings in the short term.

The thought that ” Obamacare” is now the “Law of the Land” has disturbed many, not because it is wrong, but because no one really knows the details or what it may mean in the American Lexicon…..of the having the “Greatest Medical Profession on Earth”.  What is certain is that all the Big Pharma Manufacturers, the Hospitals, the Medical Equipment Suppliers, The Insurance Companies, Walk-in Clinics, HI-B Doctors and Medical related Sales people are all going to profit a great deal.  Adding 16 to 32 million people to the system is going to have a huge effect. 

The “people” however, may find that their scheduled appointments will be delayed on occasion.  Additionally,  “Tests” which utilize high tech equipment may also be “referred to a later date”.  Even if the new “Obamacare”  proposals are not supposed to go into effect until 2014….there will be psychological effects on Private Investors, Institutional Banks and the Credit Industry.  The larger effects on our society both economic and philosophical may not be understood for years.  This indeed has created a “Paradigm Shift” for all Americans.  Surgical issues are going to be delayed without a doubt, just too many people in the system.

The Republicans keep calling for “Repeal and Defunding”.  This however, is short sighted, debilitating and basically just “fodder for an election cycle”.  “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater” might sound good on paper……but “holding back the tide”….may not be a reasonable or intelligent solution.  Especially, when literally millions are being denied coverage within their present coverage due to whatever “Pre-Existing Condition” has been identified by the so-called Issuing Payer Provider.  However, should we remain on this road…we will find that all that “Risk” created by Insuring these affected folks will raise all rates instantanenously!  The Insurance Companies are surely not going to lose “one red cent” ever!  That, you can rest assured.

They say there is “No Free Lunch” and that you can’t get “Something for Nothing!”  The days of teaching these values in schools are over.  “Everybody Wins!”, “No Sweat!” and “Who cares?” seem to rule the day!  The President has won this round and for that we can say: “Salud – Buona Salute”.  For those wishing and hoping for a “World Currency Collapse” to change things….we may have to wait awhile.  The President has been doing a pretty good job additionally on unarguable points such as:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, Haiti and even our dealings with China as well as our primary  direction for the Palestinian/Israel debate.

So, what’s up with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, the Tea Party and a wide array of grandstanding Republican politicians…hoping for Armageddon?  Where are all those elected and running Democrats and Republicans  – that have come up with reasonable and effective new laws for Banks, Credit Card Issuers and Investment Bankers?  Derivatives, Hedge Funds, Toxic Assets, Devalued Real Estate pricing for both Residential and Commercial properties?  Where are the local politicians that would reduce the taxes,  pensions and their wages by government at a time of unsustainable down tax receipts and assessments?

The truth is that “there are things to fear” that are coming down the road.  The most important one to fear is “Cap & Trade”.  Guaranteed to raise the prices at the pump and literally every “erg” of energy used in our homes, offices or businesses.  It is a very bad idea.  The alternate solution:  Have polluting companies fix their own mess!  The world does not have to pay for timber companies dumping splinters into our rivers and streams and then buying them “Green Energy Credits” to have someone else clean up “some other mess”…not theirs!  If that industry is in the National Interest…great, have them pay for the Clean Up and then take the tax write-off for doing so.

As it looks now…..Obama may have deflected the “Lion share” of bad press for the moment.  The President seems connected, on target and at least heading in a direction.  Too many times before – Direction has been missing.  Whether he is right or wrong, wins or loses – it will be very interesting to observe the results and to participate as the game goes around. 

The final good news is that 1.4 million people are being hired and employed by the U.S. Census Bureau this month,  to finish up the 2010 Census.  That should help with the President’s job numbers too!

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