It’s time to quit the Catholic church

Controversy over who is ultimately responsible disciplining priests bubbled up again on Friday when the Associated Press reported that a 1985 letter by then-Cardinal Ratzinger to the Oakland, Calif., diocese showed the future pope resisting defrocking an Oakland priest who had a record of sexually molesting children. In the letter, written in Latin, the cardinal cites concerns over “the good of the universal church,” the AP quotes the letter as stating,” according to the Wall St. Journal.

This adds to a “growing chorus of critics say the future pontiff did not act aggressively enough to discipline priests involved in sex abuse cases in Europe and the United States when he headed the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog office,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

If you are still a Catholic it is past time to quit this church.

There is no greater evil than molesting children. Any priest caught doing this should be IMMEDIATELY defrocked. He should be banned from the church and handed over to the cops, period. Moreover, the church should make it clear that the perpetrator is hell-bound.

But that isn’t how it works, is it? Time and again the church interferes and prevents justice. So it is time to leave the church.
No decent person should continue to be a part of this organization, which has allowed so much evil to be done to innocent children, all over the world.

Should the Pope quit? Who cares. You quit. Now. Just walk away and be sure to let church officials why you are leaving.

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