Climate of Fear Part 2

The Left can’t exist without a crisis. Heterosexual aids, Second hand smoke, global warming, breast implants. All false hysterias generated by secular humanists. Today, in the face of Barack Obama as President, they have to scream even louder that this country is racist, otherwise they lose their victim status. This country, that today has more blacks who have emigrated to this country since the Civil War than are decendants of slaves, represents the greatest beacon of tolerance and humanity in the world. This country, that welcomes millions of our neighbors to this south, has the most open and tolerant immigration policy in the world. But if you listen to bigots like this state senator from New York, you understand the Lefts attitude. The more tolerant we have become the more they have felt the right to step on our tolerance. The more they have a right to tell you that the American culture of liberty must be replaced with their idea of equality, and you will live in a society that creates a bigger government and a smaller citizen.

Today, you have race baiters who would prefer to see the southwestern U.S. turned into Ciudad Juarez. As opposed to the millions of latino immigrants who are hard working and respect the country that adopted them, these separatists want to bring with them the culture others fought so hard to leave. They would rather see Phoenix move from the second place capitol of kidnapping in the world to the first before they recognized a nations right to protect its citizens and its borders. Mexico is a country that rapes and tortures its own immigrants and they want to bring it to your neighborhood. They can look at you with a straight face and say “you don’t have a culture here” because you’re white. That’s really the hardest part for so many of us who are tolerant of newcomers to this country, no matter where they come from. You have asian communities who still have a generational and cultural understanding of the bloodshed and disaster that “progressives” brought to their countries.  They don’t yell and scream and pretend they are victims, and they assimilate in the way generations before them always have. Bringing the best of theirs to us. E pluribus unum. From many one. Multiculturalists are not out to make a better world. They are out to end yours. Want to see something really scary? Watch the May 1 rallies on television. Watch the mexican flags fly and ask yourself, how many black and white faces in the crowds do you see? If that’s a fair question to ask of the tea parties, its a fair question there.

They’ve made it so its not about right and wrong. They think its about brown and white. Its terrorism.

This is our separatist President. A man who makes a call to blacks and latinos for unity and for votes. Can you imagine what one would have said of George W Bush had he put a call out to whites? This man is doing nothing less. And while Democrat registration in California may be going up, white men and women are abandoning their support of the Democrat party in numbers that exceed 1994. In some areas the loss of Democrat support among whites is lower by double digits.

What will happen when black america finally asks the Democrats, “You’ve been running the inner cities for generations and exactly how are our lives better?”

What will happen when black america finally says “Affirmative action has done nothing but raise black resentment. It cemented in the culture that the Left believes they are not capable of making it without changing the rules.”?

To use the Lefts phraseology when it comes to legislation… “It’s passed. It’s law. It’s a done deal. Get over it.”

The attitude now popping up is a dangerous and destructive anti government, anti social, seditious bent by the Left when it doesn’t get its way. You have a Democrat from Tuscon, Raul Grijalva, who has called on the nations business communities to boycott Arizona and its conventions. He cares more about illegal immigrants than the small businesses and families and lives of legal hispanic immigrants and all the rest of the citizens of Arizona. That’s how beholden the Left has become to its lawlessness.

You have Linda Greenhouse of the New York Times. She makes a hysterical rant that actually ends in a somewhat valid point. She tells the story of the Danish king driving through the streets of Denmark wearing the star of David during WWII to show his solidarity. Thus, the citizens of Arizona should wear buttons that say “I could be illegal.” Now, I think the ADL will have something to say about comparing illegals to jews in the holocaust, but what she is also saying is that sending illegals back to Mexico is like sending Jews to Auschwitz. Guess she’s not far off, is she? These are the words in the New York Times, by a celebrated leftist writer.

If I lived in Mexico, I would come here too, any way I could. If I lived in a society that still divides class along the color of its skin, raped and tortured people who wanted to come to my country, and created such poverty and misery with its corruption, I would have left that country in a heartbeat. I would have paid whoever had to be paid and come north for a better life. And I would have spent the rest of my life being grateful. Not pretending that what I had where I tried to hard to escape was worth bringing with me.

You have Frank Rich comparing Arizona to krystallnacht, the night of glass. Fine. What the Left is trying to do in Arizona is like the Chinese trying to populate Tibet. Do you understand how far they’ve gone? Do you understand that criticizing your country is absolutely fair game? The brighter of the bunch uses critical theory in a very insidious way. It’s all about what we’ve done wrong. Why, we don’t have any right to talk. So you talk about Che and they talk about Columbus. In response, remind them that Mexican culture gutted its citizens for religious and sporting events until the Spanish landed and put a stop to all that.

Apologists for the suffering of societies like Cuba which keep its citizens in bondage and repression always have a word or two about the failings of America. Remind them Cuba never sent its citizens to die for the liberty of others. In fact, most of the world doesn’t send its citizens to die for the liberty of others because their pacifistic cowards. We’ve been doing that since day one.

Or I love hearing the slavery argument. Did you know there were more white slaves in the middle east and north africa than there were slaves in the United States when the thirteen colonies were united? Look it up. They were doing it better than we were, and we put a stop to it.

And they are running scared. If you watch government run media, you don’t catch much of it. But, on the down low, Obama lets it be known that immigration won’t happen this year. If you noticed, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Ohio and Maryland are all about to follow in Arizonas footsteps. More will follow.

Want to show your support? Visit Arizona this year. Go to and plan your trip. I am.

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