A Wayward Ally

Picture it. A chest bump with Hugo Chavez. Phone tag with Ahmadinejad. The leader of the only country in the middle east that is a successful Democracy is left at the dinner table, to eat by himself, in the White House. And the country that has chased the paramilitary groups, left and right, from its cities and farms, well, they aren’t even invited in. That’s the canvas. The Dictator of Venezuela and the Theocrat Ahmadinejad, the two leaders the Obama regime will talk and meet with. Benjamin Netanyahum, the President of Israel, the only country under constant threat of annihilation, and President Uribe of Colombia, the U.S.’s staunchest ally in Latin America, defender of human freedom (and I mean, they like us so much, they once called themselves the United States of Colombia), the two leaders you undermine and insult.

Then you have the Obama regime interfering in British foreign affairs, suggesting they should negotiate with Argentina over the Falklands. Like the Falklanders have even asked to be ruled by a chronically corrupt and unstable republic with a taste for dictatorship and political idiocy. Where is the loyalty or decency in taking sides against an ally that has fought and bled with us for a decade. Or snubbing India, an ally of shared language and democracy, for China, during the last trip to Asia. Poland and Czech Republic are left high and dry without missile defense, left to Russias hegemonic impulse over Eastern Europe. And in Honduras, the regime supported a Hugo Chavez wannabe deposed by Article 239 of its own constitution.

This is the foreign policy of the Obama regime. I guess that’s not surprising considering you could walk into a Houston Obama campaign office in 2008 and see Che Geuverra hanging on the wall.

Now, I’m not saying Obama knew anything about it. Certainly I don’t know if he would condone propping up the image of a psychotic mass murderer. Common sense would say if you could ask him about it, he’d say it was probably a bad idea. But consider that a pretty good assessment of Obama acolytes. The Heavy Breathers, Warmers and Truthers you can find in any capitol square on a summer day like the video above.

Take Colombia. Ever since it got really good at rooting out the narco-terrorist Marxists, it has had nothing but problems dealing with Democrats. There are just too many Union thugs whose heart is, well, in the wrong place. Too much market capitalism in Colombia for their tastes. Colombia offered everything the Democrat congress wanted: more protection for its workers, more environmental regulations, more safety. In the end, the only gripe Democrats had left was that too many union loyalists were dying.

Now, certainly, anybody getting killed is a bad thing. But there were 17,198 murders in Colombia in 2007. Of those, only 39 were Union members, let alone leaders or activists. So while Union members make up 2% of the population, they made up .226% of the murders. Hardly a case of widespread intimidation. There is also little or no evidence, at all, that the union dead were killed “because” of their labor organizing. This after murders in Colombia have fallen 88% because of Uribe’s reforms.

So EVERYONE is safer in Colombia today, including Union Thugs, but that’s not good enough for Nancy Pelosi and the Social Democrats. The long standing rule that said Congress had to vote on Trade Agreements submitted within 60 days was changed with Colombia and it has been on hold for over three years. In that time, Canada, Argentina and Europe have all signed Trade Agreements with Colombia and their economies have benefited. 14 months in office and Obama still hasn’t done anything. Yeah, right, concerned about jobs. The order to jump came from the Unions and Pelosi and the Social Democrats said “How high?”

In 2009, U.S. exports of corn to Colombia dropped 54 percent over 2008, while in the same timeframe Argentinean corn exports to Colombia grew 173 percent and Brazilian corn exports to Colombia grew 200 percent. Today, there is no argument. The Obama regime and the Unions that are the power players of the Social Democrat party are making union-organizing demands on Colombia as if it was their business. It makes no sense. But then, neither did exempting Union health care plans from the tax every other American has to pay. Its just political power plays.

Meanwhile, an ally waits for us to get off the dime. Its hurt American businesses and cost American jobs and marking us as a nation not dependable for keeping its commitments and using trade as a tool of growth and peace. Unlike the next door neighbor that recently decided he could run for re-election ad infinitum, Uribe is termed out this year and in May we will have another pro-American leader of Colombia. And all they have to look forward to is more of the same. You even have Venezuela arming the narco terrorists and yet the Left can still go out on tv and talk about how great the strongman of Caracas is. Its astonishing.

Again, trade and peace for Colombia or chest bumps with Venezuela.

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