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My guests tonight include Odile Gaset Mauri, Argentinian living in Mexico City, is a co-founder of the Free Speech Venezuela Project, to protest Hugo Chavez’s arrest of opposition figure Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, whom he hauled off to jail for criticizing him in a public broadcast.  She was recently part of a student group with the Atlas Experience, a program sponsored by The Atlas Network and is a member of Relial, a coalition of pro-liberty think tanks and individuals throughout  the Latin Americas.
Last year Hugo Chavez shut down 240 radio stations for not filing their paper work properly, and earlier this year, he arrested, interrogated and then released the president of one of the last opposition TV stations in Venezuela. Globovision’s owner Guillermo Zuloaga, who was detained at an airport and released hours later after a judge issued an order barring him from leaving the country.. Blog and Website are pure old fashion hard hitting journalism and John Seiler, a contributing gum shoe reporter, blogger,  joins me on Saturday night, to discuss some of the hottest latest developments reported on the Cal WatchDog Blog. Click here to read more…

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