Why I Would Like to be YOUR Anaheim City Councilperson

Dear Friends,

My name is John Santoianni.  I am currently an Anaheim City Commissioner serving on the Cultural & Heritage Commission.  I am also Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s appointee to the Democratic Convention from the 69th Assembly District.  In these roles I have been very busy making our local voices heard both here in Anaheim and in Sacramento.  I am very thankful for the trust and confidence both the Anaheim City Council and Assemblyman Solorio have in me.  I am keenly aware of the weight and importance of my duty to serve you, the citizens of Anaheim, and I will never forget that.

As a leader on the Art Facilities Subcommittee, I am working on the 2010 Cultural Arts Plan, which looks to improve our quality of life while spurring revenue and small business growth throughout the city.  In Sacramento I had a leadership role in helping to pass a resolution at the 2009 Democratic Convention to protect consumers from usurious credit card interest rates and payday advance fees.  I also went against party leadership and voted against supporting Propositions 1A through 1F that included a $16 billion tax increase, promoted gambling, and would take money from children’s health care & mental health programs.  I believe I am just like most people here in Anaheim.  I do not take marching orders from any political party, large corporation, or union leadership.  I am an independent thinker who is committed to listening to, and working for, you, the average citizen.

I understand that City Commissioners aren’t the best-known people in the world.  So, let me tell you a little about myself.   I am 38 years old, born in the Bronx, New York, and the oldest son of first and third generation American-Italians.  I moved to Southern California in 2002 after the double-whammy of being laid off from my job of ten years as a Wall Street Analyst and the financial services industry being decimated after the tragedy of 2001.  It was then that I decided to pursue an MBA in Marketing at Cal State Fullerton and put down roots, after a bit of searching, here in Anaheim.  (I also have a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Arts.)  It was an easy decision to make.  I had made lots of good friends and came to see just how wonderful a place Anaheim is to live, work, and play.  Very few places have just one of those things and we have all three!

I have to say, my adopted city and I are doing pretty well but there is always room for improvement.  That is why, in addition to the cultural arts plan, one of the plans I am developing, along with the support of local schools and businesses, is to implement creative and artistic solutions to combat graffiti, litter, and other forms of urban blight while promoting civic pride.  Our neighborhoods are the city’s lifeblood.  I will do all I can to make sure that they are preserved and protected.  Everyone in each of Anaheim’s many neighborhoods has specific needs and no one solution fits all.  That is why, as your Councilperson, I will be proactive and maintain continuously open lines of communications with you.  You shouldn’t have to wonder how to contact your City Councilperson.  If elected, I will have a direct link via email or phone for you to get into contact with me 24/7.  I will be there to listen to your needs and act as quickly as I can to address them.  A world-class city like Anaheim deserves nothing less than the best, most open, government possible.

Anaheim is and must always be the premier location in Orange County for businesses to develop and grow, for good jobs with a livable wage, and for the equitable balance of the needs of both management and labor.  As your City Councilperson, I want to make sure that businesses continue to be able to pursue their goals while at the same time protecting workers rights.  As someone who has worked in the private sector all his life and has earned an MBA, I know that it is possible to bridge the gaps that sometimes come between management and labor.  By dealing with both sides with mutual respect and integrity agreements can be made that benefit everyone.  Unfortunately, in the past, the willingness to cooperate has not always been there on one or both sides.  As your City Councilperson I believe it would not be my duty to be directly involved in these disputes, but to foster a positive environment in which rational and meaningful discussions can take place.  In the case of city contracts, I would make sure that all agreements between the city and labor are respected and enforced.

Tourists flock from all over the world to experience our world-class entertainment destinations.  That is why I am committed to the prudent development of The Platinum Triangle as well as preserving the Anaheim Resort as a place solely for entertainment, hotel, and convention purposes.  I also intend to work with Disney and other employers in these special districts to mitigate the impact of any expansion on local residents, workers, and the environment.  I would like for the city to make more housing available in the Platinum Triangle (and other areas close to the Resort) for working families, many of whom travel great distances to get to work in the city.  This would reduce pollution, lessen the burden on our infrastructure, keep more tax and sales revenue in the city, grow small businesses, and open up a lot of land currently used for parking for other purposes.  It is this type of win-win-win thinking that I can bring to city hall and apply to your concerns as well.

I consider myself lucky that, being an Anaheim City Commissioner, I’ve been able to meet with many people throughout the city and draw upon their diverse store of knowledge and opinions for input and support.  From Anaheim Hills to the Colony, West Side and Resort Districts, I have found that everyone in Anaheim really wants the same thing.  To have a representative in City Hall who listens and looks out for them.  I have always been civic minded and have volunteered my talents, time, and knowledge, to the city I love.  I would now like to get to work as your City Councilperson.   I would like your vote this November 2nd.

Best Regards,
John Santoianni

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