The SAUSD is considering laying off another 153 of their teachers

The SAUSD is cutting their school budget again, and considering laying off 153 of their teachers

The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) is considering laying off another 153 teachers, according to the O.C. Register.  The district needs to cut $34 million from their budget.

At the same time the district is in the process of reassigning teachers due to the fallout from having six SAUSD schools placed on the state’s “persistently low performing” list.

How exactly are teachers at SAUSD supposed to be happy about working there under these conditions?  And will voters react by tossing out the incumbent school board members in November?  Two of them are up for reelection, including Audrey Noji and John Palacio. 

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UPDATE:  I dug further into the SAUSD website, which is very difficult to navigate.  I found a presentation regarding their budget, which is to be given at this week’s School Board Meeting.  Click here to see that presentation. You can see an excerpt in the graphic above.

Per that graphic, it appears that they have found a way to cut almost all of the $34 million dollars that they needed to cut.  So why did they not share that with the Register?  They supposedly have to cut three million more from the budget.

The bigger concern is this item, numbered 18, in the agenda for Wednesday night’s School Board meeting:

18.0       Call for Public Hearing to Reopen Santa Ana Unified School District’s Initial Bargaining Proposal and Entire Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2010-13 School Years to Santa Ana Educators’ Association (SAEA)

What does this mean exactly?  Has Mercer told her troops about this?

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