The New Senator speaks out

Scott Brown gave the GOP address today, and had plenty to say about the Chicago thug tactics of our teleprompter in chief. Despite the fact that health care by Democrats loses in every poll, they are still attempting to pass the beast by every hook or crook. This is because, as I have pointed out, the “Yellow Brick Road to Nowhere” can’t really be sold as a solid “good”. It has now become something the political class sees fit to try and pass for its own benefit. In the case of the Democrats, its for the benefit of their own interests, i.e. the Unions, the Trial Lawyers, and the government workers. They still manage to talk about controlling spending on health care reform as if that’s the same thing as controlling costs. It is not. 

While listening to the Senator with 70% approval, remember that leftists are living in another world and that unless they start listening to their own pollsters, they are in for a rude awakening this Fall.

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