Should State Senator Lou Correa be at all worried about Lucille Kring?

In 2006, Lucille Kring couldn’t beat Jon Aiken – how will she beat State Senator Lou Correa?

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UPDATE: Matt Cuningham has posted an article over at Red County wherein he slams us and says that Jon Aiken is developmentally disabled.  I have been a friend of Jon’s for over twenty years.  I have NEVER thought he was disabled in any way.  He is a quirky guy but he is very wise and he is the hardest working GOP volunteer you will find.  The point of this post is that Jon, a totally unknown guy, was able to beat his party’s nominee for the 34th State Senate District, even though she has been in politics for as long as I have known Jon.  If anything, the OC GOP should have recruited Jon instead of Kring.  Apparently the voters prefer him!  Pay no heed to Cunningham.  He is a paid shill and he will do anything to get Kring elected so he can get his “bonus.”  I think he owes Jon an apology!

Republican Lucille Kring, who is a member of the Anaheim City Council, has decided to run against State Senator Lou Correa, over in the 34th State Senate District, which includes Santa Ana and Anaheim.

Kring won a seat on the Anaheim City Council in 2006, defeating incumbent Councilman Richard Chavez.  Bob Hernandez also won a seat on that council in 2006, getting a few more votes than Kring did, according to Smart Voter.  Chavez was damaged by numerous scandals but he still came in just .02% of the vote behind Kring.

Kring ran for Mayor of Anaheim in 2002, losing to Curt Pringle by over 4,000 votes, according to Smart Voter.  And she also won a seat on the Anaheim City Council way back in 1998, when she was the top vote-getter, with 24.8% of the vote, according to Smart Voter.  Back then there were no Latinos in that council race, which tells you that Anaheim has changed a lot over the past decade.

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