Obama’s $500 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of Private Health Insurance Industry Opposed by Most Americans

According to an article posted online at the Christian Science Monitor website today, recent polls are now beginning to indicate a very large majority of Americans are beginning to oppose the phony, baloney “health care reform” bill that Democratic Party President Barack Obama quickly signed into law last week because they finally realize it “will cause [health care] costs to rise and quality of care to drop”:

Some 55 percent of Americans expect their own costs for healthcare to be higher because of the reforms, and 60 percent say the nation’s overall health tab will rise, according to a Washington Post poll…. Separately, a USA Today/Gallup poll found 64 percent saying the law ‘will cost the government too much.’…

Forty-four percent anticipate that the quality of their care will decline as a result of the reforms, while only 18 percent expect healthcare quality to rise, the Washington Post survey found. Similarly, 49 percent in a Rasmussen Reports survey said they think the quality of care will be adversely affected….

Although Democratic Party hacks will make arguments claiming these polls are skewed because hordes of crazed Tea Party fanatics are manipulating public opinion, the truth is these sentiments more closely echo — if not mimic — criticisms of the so-called “health care reform” bill made by persons who support establishing a single-payer “Medicare for all” type health care system within the United States.

For example, in an article published in the Sacramento Bee earlier this week, Dr. Claudia Chaufan, vice president of the California Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, a pro single-payer group, wrote that Obama’s bill “further enriches and entrenches a profit-driven health insurance industry that makes money when it succeeds in not paying medical bills.”:

It forces millions of Americans to buy the insurance industry’s shoddy products or pay a fine, even as it offers eligible ones subsidies – courtesy of taxpayers – to purchase those products….

Millions of middle-income people will be mandated to buy commercial health care policies costing up to 9.5 percent of their income. Yet those policies will cover as little as 60 percent of “covered services,” leaving them vulnerable to financial ruin if they become seriously ill….

People with employer-based coverage will be locked into their plans’ “preferred providers’ networks.” So yes, workers will “keep their plans if they like them” (assuming they can afford the ever-increasing prices and don’t lose their jobs, or their employers don’t drop their plans), yet will have to keep them even if they don’t like them.

Insurers will be handed at least $447 billion in taxpayer money to subsidize the purchase of these policies …

Health care costs will continue to skyrocket because the bill will do nothing to reduce the $400 billion wasted every year pushing paper to market thousands of plans and separate people according to eligibility criteria, services covered, etc….

The much-vaunted insurance regulations -– e.g. ending denials on the basis of pre-existing conditions –- are riddled with loopholes. For instance, older people can be charged up to three times more than their younger counterparts …

Rose Ann Demoro, Executive Director of National Nurses United, AFL-CIO, and the California Nurses Association, wrote in the Huffington Post that the legislation Congress passed  “fails to deliver on the promise of a single standard of excellence in care for all and instead makes piecemeal adjustments to the current privatized, for-profit healthcare behemoth”:

[T]his bill requires people — in the midst of the mass unemployment and the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression — to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to big private companies for a product that may or may not provide health coverage in return. Too many people will remain uninsured, individual and family healthcare costs will continue to rise largely unabated and private insurers will still be able to deny claims with little recourse for patients.

As I’ve alluded to before in a previous posting, the so-called “health care reform” bill has very little to do with health care and has practically everything to do with bailing out Wall Street billionaires who made massive investments in private health insurance companies that now face declining revenues as a result of a rapidly shrinking customer base.

Since 2000, private health insurers have lost more than nine million customers and corrupt Democratic Party politicians have come to their rescue with this scam to prop them up by forcing millions of new people to purchase their defective, over-priced policies and subsidize their obscene profit margins with taxpayer money.

In order to ram this latest Wall Street bailout down the throats of millions of ordinary Americans, the Democrats masqueraded this giveaway as a “health care reform” bill and trotted out their snake-oil salesman, President Obama, to bamboozle the public into believing that being fleeced by the private health insurance industry is good for their health.

But if the latest polls are indicative of anything, it does seem to strongly suggest that a good chunk of the American public is slowly but surely beginning to realize that they’re going to be screwed over — and screwed over pretty badly — by the phony, baloney “health care reform” bill once its various provisions begin to kick in over the next decade or so.

How will this affect the upcoming election? Voting for Republicans to get rid of the Democrats is useless. Most people don’t realize it, but key components of the bill the Democrats rammed through Congress are almost modeled word-for-word on proposals introduced or backed by prominent Republican Party politicians in the 1990s.

For example, Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton and a well-known Democratic Party apologist, was actually forced to admit not too long ago — albeit in a very weak and timid way — that the bill Obama put his signature on was “a very conservative piece of legislation, building on a Republican … foundation”:

[D]on’t believe anyone who says Obama’s health care legislation marks a swing of the pendulum back toward the Great Society and the New Deal. Obama’s health bill is a very conservative piece of legislation, building on a Republican rather than a New Deal foundation. The New Deal foundation would have offered Medicare to all Americans or, at the very least, featured a public insurance option.

What accounts for this switcharoo? Why have Democrats been cheerleaders for legislation that one time was being championed by Republicans? Its simple. The private health insurance industry spent twenty years trying to get the Republicans to pass it, and they couldn’t do it; so in their moment of desperation, they turned to the Democrats to get the job done.

Given that it’s quite clear both the Democrats and Republicans are in bed with the same Wall Street billionaires who are robbing this country blind, what should we do electorally? Stop making excuses and start casting your ballot for candidates that best represent your interests. If you’re tired of plutocrats picking your pockets, stop wasting your votes on their pawns.

And for purposes of disclosure, the author of this missive is the Green Party Candidate for U.S Senate in California.

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