Martin Wisckol caught shilling for the Trannies yet again

O.C. Register “reporter” Martin Wisckol is shilling for the Trannies again.  This time he wrote a post over in the Total Buzz blog, revealing that Phu Nguyen, the leading Democratic candidate for the 68th Assembly District is, gasp, pro-life! 

In the same post, Wisckol mentioned that Nguyen’s opponent, the Trannie known as Joe Dovinh, is pro-choice.  To add to the stupidity, Wisckol quotes some Democrat named Reggie Mundekis, who lives in Huntington Beach – which is in a different Assembly District!

I found out in talking to a Nguyen supporter that Nguyen is indeed pro-life but that is a personal position.  He has no interest in legislating against abortion.  So Wisckol misquoted him.  That isn’t a surprise.  Wisckol does that often.

As one might expect, the Trannies started commenting on the post.  Of course they want to take out Phu Nguyen.  He has a great shot at defeating loathsome Republican Allan Mansoor, a true Mexican hater, should he win the primary.  The Trannies want the GOP to hang on to Van Tran’s Assembly seat.

You may recall that earlier this week Wisckol blasted State Senator Lou Correa for spending $24,000 on travel, in two years.  But he gave Van Tran a free pass for spending almost as much, $20,000.  Correa lives in the district and flies back and forth to be with his family.  Tran lives in Sacramento and his supporters are bleating that he comes down here to look after his parents.  Maybe so, but he is ripping us off by charging us per diems when he is up in Sacramento, even though he damn well lives up there!

Of course Wisckol didn’t take Tran to task.  He should call his blog “Total Trannie!”

No wonder the O.C. Register is dying.

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