Larry’s GOP pick for governor. Steve Poizner

Over the past few months I have endured watching numerous TV spots paid for by the Meg Whitman for governor campaign. Former E-Bay CEO Whitman brings back fond memories of the ISO 9000 International Standard of quality management when in her ads she repeats that program that simplified can be stated as follows: “Say what you do, do what you say, and document it.”

In the mid 90’s we sold electronic sub systems into many high tech firms in the Bay area where it was mandated that our facility and process was certified as being compliant to the ISO 9000 series. Before getting any RFQ’s or Contract awards we had to document that every facet of our product, from design through manufacturing and test, followed that standard.

Isn’t it comforting when someone can point out problems in ads without providing any solutions. Quoting the ISO 9000 process may feel good but by itself is useless. In none of her many ads that I have viewed does she offer any solutions to our budget crisis.

While Mrs. Whitman surely is to be commended for creating jobs in the private sector, as CEO at E-Bay she had the power and authority to hire and fire as she led that corporation. However, while I often argue that there are times when we need to run government like a business, there is a major difference between the private and public sectors.

 Simply look at the president of the United States who, for the past year, has promoted a national health care plan, which as of today, lacks support from Congress to see his dream become a reality. While he often reminds us that he won the election, as of today he is still losing that fight.
Every effective governor needs to work with our paralyzed state legislature. Let me use the current political sound bite of  “winning the hearts and minds of the voters.”

As popular as he might have been when first elected, these past few years with Arnold at the helm has surely confirmed the limited power of that persona and position.
Although being governor is a powerful title, the members of our Legislature are the employees of the people, not the former CEO of any Fortune 1000 firm.

While he may not be perfect and made his share of mistakes, I gave my endorsement to Steve Poizner last year and see no reason to switch sides even after reading all the negative attacks he has recently endured. At least Insurance Commissioner Poizner has been out front with his “10-10-10” plan for all to read and challenge.

1. 10% cut in personal income taxes, the state sales tax, and the corporation tax 
2. 10% cut in state spending over two years 
3. $10 billion Rainy-Day Fund by the end of Steve’s first term

Commissioner Poizner has a proven track record of public service.  Perhaps I’ve missed it but where’s the Meg Whitman for Governor detailed blue print for our recovery and job creation?

While Steve Poizner may have supported a Democrat in the past so too did Meg Whitman when she supported Senator Barbra Boxer’s reelection campaign in the 2004 election over Sec of State Republican Bill Jones. At that time, in addition to contributing the $4,000 maximum, she also “served on an exclusive committee of Technology Leaders for Boxer.” Source. Oct. 2009 SF Chronicle.

It is no secret that industry leaders donate to both major parties in key position posts.
Readers. Look all you want. There is no perfect candidate.

PS: Like myself, Steve Poizner told me that he opposes the proposed HSR project. I was pleased to see that Congressman Tom McClintock has just endorsed Mr. Poizner for Governor.

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