Kudos to the Martinelli Company

(Excerpted with permission from “Eddie’s Corner”, the weblog of Eddie Rose at www.eddierose.org )

In this day and age where many businesses are only too eager to rip off the consumer, and where corporate greed has become a way of life in the business community, it is wonderful to see that there are still some excellent companies that truly have the interests of the consumer in mind.  Such is the case with S. Martinelli & Co., makers of the world’s best, and purest, apple cider.

S. Martinelli & Co. is located in Watsonville, a farming community of approximately 50,000 residents, located in Santa Cruz County in Northern California.  It seems that the local city fathers (and mothers too, no doubt) decided about a decade ago to add sodium fluoride (a main constituent of rat poison) to the public water supply, not unlike many other incompetent City Councils and/or municipal water districts (including, sadly, our own in south Orange County).  In 2002, however, the residents of Watsonville, who did not want local bureaucrats to poison their drinking water, passed an initiative to block the fluoridation of their water supply.

Now, in what amounts to a slap-in-the-face to the voters, the Watsonville City Council is again proposing to ram fluoridated water down the throats of its citizens, whether they want it or not!

This is where the Martinelli Company, one of Watsonville’s biggest employers, comes in.  Martinelli has said that it would rather move its planned expansion elsewhere than use fluoridated water in its new line of juices.  According to John Martinelli, president of S. Martinelli & Co., his family’s business for 142 years, “We believe fluoride is bad for your body so, morally and ethically, we simply cannot put that water in our products.  If half the people in this town don’t want to be mass-medicated, then we shouldn’t be.”

Amen!!!  It’s time more people see through the lies and propaganda foisted upon the American people by the American Dental Association (ADA) and other charlatans of their ilk.

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

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