Hispanic Caucus now threatening “NO” vote on Obamacare

From thehill.com

A group of Hispanic lawmakers on Thursday will tell President Barack Obama that they may not vote for healthcare reform unless changes are made to the bill’s immigration provisions. The scheduled meeting comes as Democratic leaders and the White House are struggling to craft a final bill that will attract 216 votes in the lower chamber.

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This as Democrat leaders are still struggling to gain enough votes for passage of the Senate Health Care version through the House. The Senate version specifically bans illegals from buying health care through the new federal health care exchanges.  Increasingly, the House leadership is finding that at-risk members are unwilling to stick their necks out for legislation they didn’t, and wouldn’t have voted for, the first time around. Promises that the problems with the Senate version will be worked out later are meeting scoffs and eye rolls. As the problems mounting are proving to be not just financial, but encompass issues such as abortion and illegal immigration, the hope that such issues can be resolved in the Senate with reconciliation are dim and fading.

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