47th congressional district candidate Van Tran plays it safe

As Assemblyman Van Tran never responded to our invitation for an interview of his campaign for Congress, I thought we might look at his candidate statement that can be found on the www.ocvote.com web site, and give him a chance to answer a few questions for the voters in the 47th CD.

Playing it safe Assemblyman Tran fails to address some high profile policy and social issues. And while all candidates have a limited number of words in Candidate Statements let’s see if he responds to the following dozen issues which he intentionally avoided.

1. What’s his position on amnesty for undocumented workers
2. Where does he stand on the nation of Iran who is developing a nuclear capability
3. What’s his position of a two state solution for Israel and the Palestinians
4. What’s his position  on “card check”
5. What’s his suggestion for solving the universal health care debate
6. Would he vote to block reinstatement of the “death tax”
7. Does he support nuclear energy
8. Does he support off-shore drilling
9  What role, if any, should our Federal government have in public education.
10. Does he support or oppose Prop 8
11. What’s his policy on abortion
12. Where does he stand on earmarks

Let me close with the first sentence of his candidate statement’s second paragraph:
“As a California Assemblyman, I’ve fought to jumpstart our economy by reducing regulation on small businesses and creating good jobs.” Oh really?

Assemblyman Tran. Please let us know what Bills you authored or co-sponsored that “jumpstarted our economy” and “created good jobs.”

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