Whitman won’t debate Poizner and now she is threatening him

“Republican candidate for governor Steve Poizner today revealed intimidation tactics from Meg Whitman in which her top political advisor threatened to spend $40 million “tearing up” Commissioner Poizner. Last week, Meg Whitman’s trusted advisor Mike Murphy contacted multiple people connected to the Poizner campaign and attempted to intimidate Poizner out of the race. In return for dropping out, Meg Whitman offered to deliver to Commissioner Poizner the Republican nomination for the 2012 U.S. Senate race against Dianne Feinstein,” according to Poizner’s website.

What this boils down to is that Whitman is trying to buy the election.  She steadfastly refused to debate her sole Republican opponent, Poizner.  She has spent millions so far, apparently in an effort to buy the election. 

Now Whitman is trying to talk Poizner into quitting the race altogether.  Unbelievable.

How is Whitman going to handle Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown if she makes it to the general election?  Brown is a very capable speaker.  He has gone toe to toe with none other than Bill Clinton.  Brown isn’t going to put on the kid gloves for Whitman.  He is going to demolish her!

This silliness needs to end now.  Poizner has been elected to a statewide office, where he has done a good job as our State Insurance Commissioner, and he served in D.C. during the Bush administration.  For Whitman to resort to threats instead of doing the right thing and debating Poizner is simply unacceptable.

Click here to read the letter that Poizner sent to the FBI, U.S. Attorneys Office, Fair Political Practices Commission and state Attorney General Jerry Brown.

I have been willing to give Whitman the benefit of the doubt, but no more.  My advice to Republicans?  Do NOT vote for Whitman.

UPDATE: Murphy says Poizner is nuts.  “”After reading the ridiculous charges made by Steve Poizner during today’s strange press conference, all I can say is that I’m starting to worry about the Commissioner’s mental condition,” Murphy said in a statement, according to the Sacramento Bee.

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