What we have here is… failure to communicate.

Government is grinding to a halt. And that is a good thing. We are having spirited, nuanced debates about what is or is not good for this country. And that is a good thing. And in the end, we will probably do nothing. And that is a good thing. There are, at my count, one hundred and two references to no or not in the United States Constitution. It is a document that speaks first and most to all the things government should not, must not, and cannot do. It is a document intended to limit the power of government and its actions. It is intended to slow heavy handed interference in the lives of the American people. The father of the Constitution, James Madison, said of Congress “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.”

So when Republicans, moderates and independents stand up and say NO to unpopular ideas that kill jobs, redistribute income to buy votes, corrupt the census, and abandon international friends because they like America, it’s a genuine American tradition that’s being followed. Its Progressives and Leftist radicals who are foundering out beyond the bounds of what it is to be American.

The American people do not want, and moderate Democrat House members are not likely to sacrifice themselves on the alter of, government run health care. Likewise, the American people DO agree on medical malpractice reform, interstate insurance options, letting individual states create health reform laboratories and decide what works best for THEM, and health savings accounts. Unfortunately, the Democrats are not about to let such reforms harm their beloved special interest groups like trial lawyers and federal employee unions.

When the Premier (think Governor) of Newfoundland, Danny Williams, came to Florida for a “routine procedure”, the difference between the two health care systems was laid bare. Williams was forced to choose between a sternotomy which would have broken bones and laid him up for weeks, or getting the minimally invasive procedure done in America and getting right back to work. The procedure required an incision under his arm, and he was up and about the next day. What’s worse, is if Williams HAD had the operation done in Canada, he would have been roundly criticized for “jumping the queue”.

That’s socialized medicine ladies and gentlemen. Archaic surgery practices, barbaric morality, and unprincipled envy. Once you have it, no one can decide what operation is “best” for them, unless everyone else can get it too.

You see folks, that’s what it’s all about. Most people in America can get health care when they need it, and more importantly when they WANT it. But Progressive don’t like that. So, their answer is… EVERYONE waits in line. The “spreading misery equally” principle.

Want to pay more for your health care? Obama will take care of that for you.

This after pledging to lower everyone’s health care by $2500 a year.

Want to lose the health care you have? Obama will take care of that for you too, and tell you it’s for your own good.

The Health Care summit didn’t change any moderate minds. The five vote margin in the House is gone for Democrats. Murtha, the arrogant, thieving pig, is dead and four other Yes votes are retiring or moving to other political ground. The only Republican “yes” is now also a no.

So what we have is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week. Which is the way he (Obama) wants it. Well, he gets it.



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