Traffic School….2010!

In case no one has noticed…..the Police vehicles are out in mass lately.  Everywhere you go, people are being pulled over and given tickets for even the most minute offenses.  The realities are that community, county and state budgets are stressed.  Our various police and fire agencies are being encouraged to control their budgets, as other parts of government are being pressed into furloughs, lay-offs and many times merging a variety of agencies or departments in order to meet the shrinking input of revenue.

Since the police are sensitive to their various pension and retirement programs, management and officers are pushing the envelope literally to get more revenue into the system.  Recently, we got a very “iffy” ticket for failing to stop for a Stop Sign in a Residential area.  The Officer was 220 feet from the intersection and unless you had 20-10 eyesight, he would have just blended in to the countryside.  Since we fight each and every  ticket in court….it was very educating to discover that of 15 tickets being fought in court…..NONE were being dismissed. (Even though, a few got a slight reduction in the fines!)

Hopefully, “the citizenry” will take this warning very seriously.  The boyz in Blue are out there in mass!  One issue in particular might require a little remedial thought during these tough budget times.  When approaching an intersection with a RED light showing, with NO signage that says: “No Turn on Redlight”, you are still required to come to a complete stop and access that it is safe  to proceed to then make that Right Turn from the lane closest to the the right curb.  One caveat to that may be, if a bike lane is there.  Pulling into that bike lane might still get you a ticket if you get the wrong Police Officer…..even if you haven’t seen a bicycle for three years in that lane.  A complete and full stop!   Remember that we told you that!

 In addition, if that intersection happens to be covered by a Red Light Camera…..Blocking the Intersection is going to cost you $500 bucks too!  So, even if you enter the intesection under yellow…the camera could still catch you under red,  if say,  your pal in the van ahead is dawdling, rather than proceeding smartly through.  That right turn on a red – without an enforcement sign – still can be coming “if” you forget to come to a full stop.  And don’t forget to not impede any oncoming traffic – and enter that intersection in a very safe manner!

Let’s just say……Economic times are tough.  Most people cannot afford $500 dollar tickets anymore than they can those around $140 dollars.  The important thing to remember is:  Pensions and retirements are not going to be cut back or phased out….without the citizenry also paying a price!

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