The Politics of Aspiration, How to Bring the Gold back to the Golden State

For some reason, Jon Fleischman is a moderator at this event

The Politics of Aspiration: How to Bring the Gold back to the Golden State

Saturday, March 20, 2010, from 9:00am–3:30pm
At the Island Hotel, located at 690 Newport Center Drive, in Newport Beach

$45 per person

Moderator: Steven Hayward
Short Opening: Sally C. Pipes
Introductory Speaker: John Eastman
Former Dean, Chapman University School of Law
A Glimpse of California’s Future


Workshop 1: Rebuilding California’s Infrastructure

Joel Kotkin, Author
How Progressives Destroyed the Legacy of Governor Pat Brown

Wendell Cox, Principal, Demographia
Former Member Los Angeles County Transportation Commission
Author, War on the Dream: How Anti-Sprawl Policy Threatens the Quality of Life
California’s War on Suburbia

Moderator: Lucy Dunn, CEO Orange County Business Council

Workshop 2: Debt, Taxes, and Unions
How California’s State Government Threatens Opportunity

Chriss Street, Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector

Moderator: Steven Greenhut


Keynote Lunch Speaker:
U.S. Representative Tom McClintock, CA-4
The Erosion of the California Dream

Short Discussion: Can the California GOP Regroup and Save the State?

Duf Sundheim, former Chairman of the California Republican Party

Tom Fuentes, former Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party

Bill Mundell, Chairman of ZBB Energy and Entrepreneur
Valuing California

Moderator: Jon Fleischman
Publisher, FlashReport


Workshop 3: Developing a Freedom-Friendly Urban Policy

Randal O’Toole, Economist
American Dream Coalition and Cato Institute Senior Fellow
The Coercive Agenda of New Urbanism and Smart Growth

Tom Tait, former Anaheim Councilman
A Review of Anaheim’s Market Reforms

Moderator: Assemblyman Chris Norby, AD72

Workshop 4: Issues Californians Can No Longer Avoid

Lance Izumi, PRI’s Koret Senior Fellow in Education Studies
Why California Needs Educational Choice

Dr. Robert Michaels, Professor of Economics
California State University, Fullerton
Institute for Energy Research Senior Fellow
Reviving Electricity and Water Markets

Moderator: Jim Palmer, Tustin Councilman and President of the Orange County Rescue Mission

Short Closing:
Sally C. Pipes

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