The Passing of Al Haig – Reagan Warrior!

Alexander Haig was special.  He hung out with Caspar Weinberger and he made a name for himself solely for his remarks after the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan….when he said without thinking……”I am in control here at the White House…..until the Vice-President returns.”

Alexander Haig died at 85 best known most as the short term Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan.  Actually, General Al Haig was NATO Supreme Commander (1974–79)….and in fact was the target of an assassination attempt himself by the notorious Red Army Faction in 1979. 

A well known tail about Alexander Haig came, when on election night of 1980 – as Ronald Reagan took office…it was said that he called Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev and said:  “You are going to stay out of the Iranian game right, because if you don’t, you SOB – I have all your launch codes since I was Supreme Commander of NATO and we will blown up every missle you have – in the silos!”  Whether this is an urban myth or true…..the Iranians immediately released all of our 52 Embassy personnel – that they had been holding for 444 Days!

Al Haig served the Reagan Administration for  just over two years yet was probably the best known cabinet member in the  Reagan White House.  Al always had a way to make a name for himself.  He had also served in every prior Republican Administration since Nixon – Many times as National Security Advisor.  Al Haig was indeed the most colorful personality that may have occupied the White House, as staff, over his employment in six administrations.  To his very last day..Al Haig was still engaged in his “Think-Tank” activities and making occasional appearances on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Good-by good soldier…..your life was filled with energy, excitement and an ability to make an impact on your surroundings.  We are very proud of you and we will miss your electric remarks and insight.  Rest well, with our love.

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