Recall involving Capistrano Unified School District Trustees Maddox & Winston

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February 23, 2010

Contact: Ken Lopez-Maddox 714-906-1797

Recall Leaders Challenged Not To Force Special Election

Special Election Would Cost Schools $800,000

Aliso Viejo, CA-  Parents For Local Control served Capistrano Unified School District Trustees Lopez-Maddox and Winsten with their notice of intention to circulate a recall petition on February 2, 2010.

This leaves the recall leaders approximately 9 weeks to collect the required number of petition signatures in order to qualify for the November ballot.  They will still be entitled to collect signatures for 23 weeks.  However, failing to qualify for the November election  would force the Capistrano Unified School District to spend $800,000 on a special election.  This money would have to taken from classroom spending.

“I’m calling on the recall leaders to set aside their political agendas and do what’s right by the kids.  I’m calling on them to commit to ceasing their recall efforts if they can’t qualify for the November ballot”, said Trustee Ken Lopez-Maddox.

“Any voter who is considering whether to sign the petition has a right to know whether or not the recall leaders will force CUSD to bear the expense of a costly recall special election in the middle of this staggering and historical budget crisis,even if they are unable to gather enough signatures to bring the issue to a vote at the November general election when the cost to CUSD would be minimal.” said Trustee Mike Winsten.

School districts around the state have had their budgets cut year after year by Sacramento.  The Capistrano Unified School District has been forced to make tough decisions, and is currently planning for a $34 Million budget reduction for the 2010-2011 school year.  It can’t afford to waste $800,000 to further the minority agenda of a political organization that has lost the last 3 school district elections.  Frankly, our kids can’t afford it.

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