Not Exactly our Cup of Tea!

Conservatives are being spewed with the excrement of a very broad brush when it comes to the Tea Party Movement.  What is the Tea Party Movement?  These are the same people that were with “Ross the Boss” and the United We Stand Movement.  These are the same people that are disgruntled Libertarians, disgruntled “out of process” Republicans and finally disgruntled “Pseudo Racists Democrats”.  At the head of this movement is “Virtual Sarah”.  She could easily be doing “The Naked News” on the web, but has chosen instead to take huge speaking fees from people that can little afford it.

Demagogues come along every now and then, some in Religious toggery, some in Elected Politician garb.  Sometimes, they show up when the Major Media is watching for someone to take credit from some Public Good Deed.  Sometimes it is more likely that they are “Grand Standing” about some disaster or Political Event.  Sarah Palin fits the bill perfectly.  She talks that talk: “The American people should be represented…..and I am going to do that which Democrats and the Major Media does not want you to know!”

Well, what is that Sarah?  We are eager to learn what is being held back from us out here in the hinterland for that – you want to get millions of dollars in speaking fees to tell us; perhaps to go see Zig Zigler to be successful.  Or maybe Tony Robbins?  Hey, is there still a chance to make a killing in the Real Estate Market in California?  Or Florida?  Or Michigan?  Tell us Sarah, tells us!

Let’s get down to it:  Conservative Issues we represent are: (1) Supporting the 2nd Amendment for Law Abiding Citizens. (2)  Low Taxes for Small business creation. (3) Immigration Controls for any illegal group occupying our prisons or hospitals or causing felonies or gang groups. (4) Supporting Groups of Faith that occupy themselves for others, including minorities and the disadvantaged. (5) Keeping American Companies hiring Americans first, before sending their jobs overseas where nothing but the Stock Holders make the big score. (6) Keeping social services provided by the government; such as Social Security, Medicare and all things concerned with our National Defense.  And finally, we need a Government that can adequately oversee the greed and illegal activities of  both Global and Domestic Investment Bankers and Elected Officials that have no qualms about doing wrong and stealing from the people that elect them.  Simply, we need a government that is watching the hen house when the wolves are skulking around!

If this is what Sarah Palin is saying?  If so, we just saved you $600 dollars to go to one of her meetings and it won’t be necessary to go to one of her speaking engagements.  She can simply start her campaign for President in 2012 now and ask for contributions.  Maybe Rupert Murdoch will put her on Fox right after Glen Beck and before Sean Hannity.  This is not space science….this is common sense that needs to be directed toward those that think that President Barack Obama is doing nothing regarding our Conservative Agenda.  Sadly, people think that the Conservative Agenda is based on one issue:  Abortion!  That sounds more like Catholic against Lutheran to us – than Republican and Democrat.  In the meantime, we hope that before President Obama “drils, drills, drills……” that he pay some attention to our environmental concerns  Oops, is there such a thing as a Conservative Environmentalist?  Just Theodore Roosevelt, we suppose! 

The fact is that our Global Economic Meltdown has been caused since the change of Investment Rules in 1998.  What does Sarah Palin have to say about that?  What will Sarah Palin do to fix the World Economic Meltdown and Depression?  What is Sarah Palin going to do with the Israeli-Palestinian Middle East Crisis and the nuclearization of Iran?  What would Sarah be doing differently in Afghanistan that President Obama is not doing?

Let’s just say….for $600 bucks… would have been nice if everyone that attended the Tea Party Convention…..had an answer from their Guru!  In the meantime, Sarah is just not our cup of tea, thank you very much!

Scott Brown, where are you now that we need you most?

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