MV mayor MacLean asks for recount and threatens ROV

Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean, who lost the “special” recall election in Mission Viejo by 19 votes, is asking for a recount. According to the ROV this effort will commence at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. As of now I am unable to report what areas of the total ballots cast will be under review. Stay tuned.

Update: The editor of the Mission Viejo Dispatch just confirmed some other aspects to this recount request that can be found at

Cutting to the chase:

MacLean Threatens Lawsuit Against Registrar

by on February 8, 2010

It turns out Lance MacLean’s request for a recount was accompanied by a legal threat to the OC Registrar of Voters. A copy of MacLean’s letter to the ROV was faxed to the City Clerk at 1:57 p.m. today and states:
My consultant Mr. Scott Taylor will be contacting you shortly to initiate the review of the ballots. Further, I have retained the services of an election attorney for advice on my recourse with the Registrar of Voters office regarding the use of illegally gathered signatures that were accepted and used by your office to qualify this recall election. . . . Please be on notice that I intend to avail myself to all legal remedies including civil suits in the event your office certifies the election and it is later determined that recall proponents unlawfully perjured themselves and submitted signatures collected illegally to qualify what would then constitute a fraudulent election.

To read Lance’s letter simply go to the Mission Viejo Dispatch link provided above.

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