Low Latino turnout could doom California Democrats in November

It might be “no se puede” for Democrats in November

A post in the Latino Journal makes the case that Latino voters might turn California red – not by voting but rather by not voting.

“Voter apathy among Latinos and other minority voters threatens to turn traditionally blue state California into another Massachusetts-like shocker in this year’s midterm elections, political experts are warning,” according to the Latino Journal.

I agree – Latinos just don’t vote.  But there is more to it than that.  The Democrats love to pander to Latinos, but they don’t deliver.  Just look at what Obama has done on immigration.  Instead of advancing reform and another Amnesty, Obama has overseen a national crackdown on immigrants, and he appointed an immigrant basher, Janet Napolitano, to head up the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

And Latinos have fared horribly during the current recession.  Obama has done almost nothing to help them.  So can you blame them if they stay home in November?

Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans suck.  Most of them are immigrant bashers.  But not voting is one way for Latinos to show their displeasure with both parties.

In the end, it could crush Senator Barbara Boxer’s reelection chances, not to mention the Jerry Brown gubernatorial campaign.  Both Boxer and Brown might lose if Latinos don’t show up to vote in November.

If the Democrats want our vote, Obama needs to stop wasting time on health care reform and get cracking on our economy.  And it is past time for him to deliver another Amnesty.  In fact doing so would go a long ways towards fixing our economy.  Imagine what would happen if twenty million immigrants could vote, open bank accounts and start paying taxes?

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