Is Chairman Janet Nguyen trying to take over the Garden Grove City Council?

Chairman Janet Nguyen made it obvious this Saturday, at the Tet Parade in Westminster, that she is trying to take over the Garden Grove City Council.

Last year she got her carpetbagger Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, elected.  Now it looks like she is grooming her husband, Tom Bonikowski, and her Assistant Chief of Staff, Nick LeCong, for the Garden Grove City Council.

Is this good for the people of Garden Grove?  Should a power-broker control their City Council?  Shouldn’t their City Council be comprised of independent Council Members who are looking out for residents’ interests?

Nguyen already pulled strings to get her hubby appointed to the Garden Grove Planning Commission. 

And you may recall that she also voted against restaurant letter grade health ratings, to benefit the restaurant owned by her husband and Do.  That would be the Lee’s Sandwiches in Stanton that has been issued over fifty Orange County Health Department violations!

These people are working to pull the wool over our eyes.  Don’t be fooled.

And by the way, Do’s wife, Cheri Pham, is also trying to become a Judge. 

Where did Nguyen learn these tactics?  Don’t forget she once was allied with Assemblyman Van Tran, who took over control of the City of Westminster.

I would encourage the people of these cities to reject both these factions!

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