Governor should drop Maldonado

“Raise your hand if you’re a liberal!”

Governor Schwarzenegger should spare overtaxed Californians the costly legal battle that will result if he swears in Abel Maldonado as Lieutenant Governor.  Win or lose, the taxpayer should not be forced to pay the cost of a battle that benefits only Abel Maldonado.

The Governor should not waste taxpayer capital on this pointless political battle.  Nor should he waste political capital.  This fight makes no sense, whatsoever.  California faces real challenges.  And this isn’t one of them.

Rather than waste taxpayers’ money, the Governor should move on with a new nomination of a candidate who might get support from his own party.  In fact, the Governor has an opportunity to nominate a candidate that might shake up the 2012 gubernatorial race by nominating Steve Poizner.

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