Did Meg Whitman pay Chip Hanlon to promote her, via Green Faucet?

Chip Hanlon has some questions to answer…

Last December, Red County publisher Chip Hanlon had a complete cow when he found out that one of his bloggers, who called himself “York,” was being paid by a consultant to post nice things about Poizner, and to rip Whitman.  Click here to read what Hanlon wrote about that.

Now Hanlon himself is in the crosshairs of conflict of interest charges.  Hanlon is a writer for something called “Green Faucet.”  Click here to read his Green Faucet bio.  According to his bio he is also their founder!

Why does that matter?  Well, if you peruse Whitman’s campaign finance report, and search for expenditures, guess what?  She paid Green Faucet the sum of $20,000 for “Information Technology and Email.”  Click here to see that on the California Secretary of State’s website.

That is rather odd given that Green Faucet describes itself as “a revolutionary financial content and publishing site which aims to provide the most highly respected, highly credentialed contributors exclusively..” on their website.  Why would a publishing site get involved in IT and email?

And it gets stranger still.  Whitman paid a bunch of folks for IT and email.  She paid a company called Slater Technical Consulting a total of just under $40,000 for the same services.  And she paid the Smart Media Group about $20,000 for the same services too.  And another outfit named Emaildirect.com also got paid thousands for the very same services.

So here is the question.  Did Whitman pay Hanlon, via Green Faucet, to blog for her on Red County?  How is this any different from what “York” did?

I have maintained for years that the whole point of Red County is to shill for their pals – for fun and profit of course.

Hanlon and Whitman have some questions to answer…

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