Congressman John Campbell challenges President Obama’s bloated budget

Congressman John Campbell challenged President Obama’s Budget Director, Dr. Peter Orszag, this week, regarding Obama’s bloated deficit budget. Here is what Campbell had to say about their exchange:

The President’s Budget Director: Dr. Peter Orszag is the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). I have known Peter since I was first elected to Congress while he was with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Dr. Orszag is left of center, but he is smart and intellectually honest. Being intellectually honest and trying to work in this administration and justify what this President is doing is difficult to say the least.

Campbell asserts, in the video above, that the President’s budget is not achievable, sustainable, or real. It is worth watching…

Click here to visit Campbell’s campaign website.  He is being challenged this year by Irvine Councilwoman Beth Krom, who is a Democrat.  Krom has been busted several times for wasting taxpayer money at the so-called Irvine Great Park, and for covering up what she and Larry Agran are up to on that board.

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