Congressman Hunter wows the crowd at Quang Pham’s fundraiser

Here’s the latest update from Republican congressional candidate Quang Pham, who is running for the 47th Congressional District against chickenhawk Van Tran:

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter was a hit as a speaker at Quang Pham fundraiser

Nearly fifty Orange County business leaders and supporters of Quang Pham for Congress gathered at The Center Club on February 17, 2010 to listen to Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, who served three combat tour with the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hunter spoke enthusiastically about Pham’s background as a non-career politician, businessowner, combat veteran, and long time Orange County resident.

“We have the least amount of veterans serving in Congress ever,” remarked Hunter, “Quang Pham would be a great addition to the House.”

General William Lyon, Rod McDermott, Brian Wilcox, Jim Harker, and Carol Rudat co hosted the event.

Viet Herald, a leading Vietnamese-language newspaper in Little Saigon, also covered the event. Click here to read their front page article.

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