With three weeks to go MacLean supporters are in panic mode

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After airing weeks of spot commercials on FOX News and CNN opposing the recall of Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean, paid for by the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs union, COX Communications extends a restricted invitation to selected citizens supporting the recall yet will not permit a major proponent, candidate Dale Tyler, to participate in a last minute pro recall Q&A segment of 5 to 6 minutes to be taped tomorrow evening.

At the same time, rather than inviting the person most knowledgeable on the recall charges, Lance MacLean himself, they have selected councilman Frank Ury to be his surrogate, along with a representative of the local Chamber to represent the no side of the issue with a similar 5 to 6 minute commentary.

The STATEMENT OF REASONS FOR THE PROPOSED RECALL OF LANCE MACLEAN, found in our ballot, is directly to the left of the ANSWER OF LANCE MACLEAN TO STATEMENT OF REASONS FOR THE PROPOSED RECALL yet he fails to address the charges.

If there is going to be any debate format I would think that Mission Viejo residents would tune in to hear Lance’s rebuttal. Voters in Mission Viejo want to know why he dodged the charges if he can defend himself.

That is not the offer presented by COX Communications whose Chairman Jim Leach has endorsed the other recall candidate.
We do not need to hear from Frank Ury who was not present when some of the charges occurred. As such, anything he has to say on the recall issues would be biased third person diatribe coming from his lips. This COX offer is a set-up, period.

Changing topics for a moment. I had to laugh in receiving a mailer from Lance MacLean today in which he uses quotes from Frank Ury supporter Matt Cunningham in which he tries to elevate the stature of the Red County blog by using quotes from that unbiased and reputable? news source. Yea, right.

And reading from a glossy mailer, tied to Frank Ury’s efforts in the 2006 election to unseat Lance, Trish and John Paul where it states:

“Voted to raise property taxes on Mission Viejo homeowners instead of making Edison pay for the burying of local powerlines.”

Source: Mission Viejo City Council Minutes–Aug 16, 2004

“Voted to increase taxes on Mission Viejo businesses by 20%”
Source: Orange County Register–Oct 11, 2004

And from my old files comes the following email exchange from Frank Ury to me which reads, and I quote:

“Super job by JP, Gail and Trish. Your patience in dealing with Craycraft/MacLean is inspirational.
It is pretty easy to see why Lance is doing so poorly, he does not even know what he believes in. As Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, those who know neither themselves nor their enemies will always be in peril during battle. It appear that Lance’s only belief is Lance.”

Both of the above quoted documents, which I have shown to our local Register reporter, are in my archives.
We shall see what becomes of this gift of air time that is not being extended to either of the candidates.  A debate would make

 more sense however that is not their Agenda for this urgent meeting.

At one time we had a Japanese American salesman working for our company who taught me the expression that he “did not fall off the back of a turnip truck”

 Thanks Ron M. wherever you are.

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