The Full-on Monet

Health Care is a dead mouse.
They will not get it in the House.
They will not get a deal.
They will not pass it piecemeal.
I like Green Eggs and Ham.
Oh happy, happy I am.

Ever seen something from far away and thought it was beautiful but up close you realized it was ugly? That’s a Full-on Monet. That’s the Democrat party. It sounds good when it’s playing in the background. Fairness, equality of outcome, redistribution, free health care, no more wars. But up close, Leftist politics played out are ugly. Leftists are selfish. What is more selfish than instead of standing for taking care of health care for yourself, demanding that the government do it for you? Leftists are greedy. They hold the Marxist view that society plays out on primarily materialist terms and those who have more have taken from those who do not. The Leftists are wanna-be victims. Nothing could be more clearly played out than the change in a womans voting behavior. From being a single female who supposedly earns less than a man, to being a married woman who takes care of her family, a woman changes from liberal to conservative virtually overnight.

Listen to Howard Dean. “Democrats voted for Scott Brown because they wanted MORE Health Care.” Even Chris Matthews pitches a fit at the notion. When Obama campaigned in Boston on Jan. 17 for Obamacare supporter Martha Coakley, not once did he mention the health care bill. That’s like saying America elected Obama because they wanted someone tough on terrorism. Except that terrorism wasn’t mentioned ONCE in any Democrat debate in 2008. And after the election, Obama said the result was “not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.” Well, finally they admit the power and strength of a man who got better grades in Harvard than Al Gore, scored higher on his military IQ than John Kerry and higher on his SAT’s than Rhodes Scholar Bill Bradley. Bush is still omnipotent! Please.

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Democrats are weighing their choices. They could try and get the House to pass the Senate Health Care Bill as is. But all indications, from Nancy Pelosi to Barney Frank, is that that is a non-starter. They could try and pass parts of it through as reconciliation bills. That would only need a simple majority. I said they should pass those and an individual mandate. Just get it done. Raise taxes. Live with it. But somehow the Democrats just couldn’t resist trying to overreach with 23 new bureaucracies and 2,000 pages of mind-numbing nonsense that North Dakota Democrat Kent Conrad called “a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff would have been proud of”.

Ronald Reagans great strength was that he could communicate clearly so that even if you didn’t agree with him you could respect his principles – which required that you knew what his principles were. With Democrats, you don’t really even know what their principles are. They are so busy trying to satisfy so many competing constituencies that you end up seeing nothing but cynical vote buying. Personally, I don’t think most Democrat politicians care about much more than that, but I am willing to concede there are true believers. They are willing to lose just to reach their goals. Like those adherents to the new religion of climate change, whether the wind blows hot or cold, it only confirms their beliefs.

Pundits are calling the win “a massive victory,” “a shocking turn-about” “a tsunami,” “a devastating loss for the Democrats,” “a game changer,” “a shot across the bow for the arrogant House and Senate leaders,” “a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process,” “the biggest political upset in our lifetime,” and “a stunning victory in favor of governmental transparency.” from

Americans “get” the messages of the Massachusetts special election. The question is whether President Obama understands that ramming through his unpopular socialist agenda, judges, and political appointees undermines his own future — as well as that of this nation? If Democrats want to look to the message of the Massachusetts Republican, it is the power of political credibility. People don’t believe the Democrats anymore. Obama couldn’t even fill a town hall stumping vainly for Martha Coakley. Scott Brown stumped with killing Obamacare as his Number One promise. Aaaaand, bingo! 56% of voters said their top issue was health care and 78% of those who voted for Scott Brown said their vote was intended to stop Obamacare. Independents went 3-1 for Scott Brown. Massachusetts is a bell weather state for Democrats and the support of Independents. 50% of registered Massachusetts voters are Independent. The canary in the coal mine.

Independents across America know that the battle in Washington is not just about concrete issues such as health care or banking regulations. Instead, it’s about the more fundamental issue of the proper role of government in our lives.

P.S. Bye-Bye Air America!

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