The Carona-ization of Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has begun

Editor’s Note: We ran this post exactly one year ago.  Now, some are saying that disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona’s supporters are backing one of the current candidates for O.C. Sheriff, Craig Hunter.  Well, that might be true, but read the post below and it will quickly become apparent that most of Carona’s wealthy and connected supporters are now supporting Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

There are many reasons to oppose Hutchens, and some reasons to oppose Hunter.  The one candidate who is a clear and present danger to us is Bill Hunt.  When he invited racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to speak at his recent fundraiser, that was all we need to know about Hunt.  When local racist Barbara Coe showed up to that event, that was just the final nail in Hunt’s coffin.  We cannot let him become our next Sheriff, period.

Back to our original post about the Carona-ization of Sheriff Hutchens:

Here we go again.  Disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona will soon receive his sentence, but his replacement, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, is already being dragged down Carona Road by the same folks who supported Carona.

Take a look at the graphic below.  She is offering a photo opportunity for the price of $1,600 – $3,200, at her upcoming fundraiser, on Jan. 22!  Can’t afford a picture?  Well, you can attend this fundraiser for the paltry price of $250.

Now let’s have a look at the folks who are on the Host Committee for this event:

Fred Armendariz:

President and CEO of CCN USA.  He was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.  Armendariz alo served President George W. Bush as the associate deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration.

Armendariz was picked by Carona as one of his reserve deputy sheriffs. He serves on the boards of the Lincoln Club, and the Business Credit Advisory Council.

So what does Fred’s company do?  These are the guys who ripped off the City of Santa Ana by selling them a bunch of wide-screen TV’s that were placed in strange locations, including a burger joint, and are supposed to be used to broadcast city information during an emergency.  How stupid!  We can get info on our cell phones – why spend all that money on a bunch of TV’s that only a handful of our residents can get to in a real emergency?

Dave Neideffer:

President of Rhinotek.  Lincoln Club member.  They make heavy duty computers that they sell to police departments.  Neideffer also appears to be one of the team members for Blackford Capital–an equity investors firm who counts as part of its portfolio.  BSI happens to make security surveillance and monitoring equipment.  Talk about “pay to play!”

Dennis Assael:

According to the OC Weekly this guy was a big-time Carona fundraiser.  One of their readers commented that he used to own a BMW dealership in Monrovia.  Another reader indicated that this guy was one of Carona’s Reserve Deputies, and that Hutchens took away his badge.  But there he is supporting her…

Frank Barbaro:

This guy is the Chairman of the DPOC (the Democratic Party of Orange County).  And of course he endorsed Carona last time around.  He is a lawyer (supposedly he is Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s lawyer) and I am told that Barbaro also owns a ticket agency.  He used to be on the OC Fair Board, and yes he was involved in the OC Fair concert ticket scandal.

Caroline Beeson:

She was Mexican-basher Mimi Walter’s “Woman of the Year” in 2006, according to the Red-faced County blog. She is the Chairman of the New Majority California Growing Republican Opportunities to Win (GROW) Committee.

Susie Caskey:

She is the Government Relations Representative at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center.  She is also the President of the O.C. Chapter of the CWLA (California Women’s Leadership Association) which raises money for Republican candidates.  She is tight with Walters and Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

Kris Dodge:

Served with Carona’s wife, Debby, on the 2006 OC Fair Board and has received free OC Fair Concert tickets, according to the L.A. Times.

Lucy Dunn:

CEO of the O.C. Business Council.  She has donated to the OC Lincoln Club.  According to Red-faced County, Dunn was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the state Transportation Commission.  Dunn wrote an editorial in the O.C. Register ripping Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for opposing the dreadful 241 Toll Road extension.

Ali Jahangari:

A big backer of Rudy Giuliani’s aborted presidential campaign, according to the Flash Report, which is produced by Carona’s former P.R. flack, Jon, Fleischman.

Mark Johnson:

CEO of Chapin Medical and a Founder of the New Majority.

Paul and Hadi Makarechian:

Hadi Makarechian and his son Paul operate Makar Properties, a development company whose holdings include the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa in Dana Point. Their company is a major contributor to political causes throughout the state and has paid out more than $300,000 since 2004. Hadi was one of the Carona reserves who lost his badge, according to the L.A. Times.

Mario Rodriguez:

Supported Mike Carona until 2005, when he announced he would back Bill Hunt, according to the L.A. Times.

Dan Young:

Former Santa Ana Mayor.  “The most important man at the Irvine Company besides Don Bren,” according to the Flash Report.

Carold Rudat:

Another Lincoln Club member.  She ran unsuccessfully for the Orange City Council and got caught living in Corona Del Mar at the time.

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