Press Release regarding OCSD Union Boss Wayne Quint

I have just received the following Press Release from city of Mission Viejo senior council member John Paul Ledesma:

For Immediate Release Contact: John Paul Ledesma
January 25, 2010 Cell (949) 616-2988

Union Boss Quint Attacks Mission Viejo Taxpayers

MISSION VIEJOPresident of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, Wayne Quint, continues his attack on Mission Viejo Taxpayers at a feverish pace opposing the February 2 recall election. As of last week’s campaign reporting period, the Union has spent more than $77,000 on outright lies that include such statements as “a Yes vote on the recall means less fire and police personnel.” Yet, the councilmember they are defending, embattled recall target Lance MacLean, is the ONLY sitting councilmember to have ever voted against adding deputies to the Mission Viejo contract.

“Quint is blatantly lying with his claim that a ‘Yes’ vote on the recall means less fire and police personnel. Ironically, the Union is defending the only sitting councilmember who has ever voted against adding deputies to the Mission Viejo contract. Residents are calling me, and they’re astounded that anyone in the field of law enforcement would back a politician with a history of violence. MacLean has been charged with assault, and he has a documented anger management problem,” said Ledesma.

Ledesma continued, “It is insane for the Union to go to such lengths to defend lifetime medical benefits for City Councilmembers. Last Friday, I was sent a link to and viewed

Mission Viejo is a member of the Orange County Fire Authority, which is NOT funded through the Mission Viejo general fund. It is funded through property taxes collected in Mission Viejo. To say that Fire Services would be cut is a complete fabrication.

MacLean’s history of violence is well documented on the Internet, including a widely publicized Irvine police report and the official UCI campus newspaper. The OC Register and OC Weekly have also carried articles about MacLean’s assault on a co-worker.

According to the March 4, 2009 OC Weekly by Spencer Kornhaber, “Right there in the UC Irvine Police Department crime report dated Oct. 26, 2007, is an account of what happened between MacLean and a co-worker:
“After a short verbal altercation (about 30 seconds) between the two men, Maclean [sic] took a step forward and bumped [Jack] McManus against the chest. Maclean then extended both his arms out and placed his hands around McManus’s neck. Maclean then shoved McManus against the wall and started to lift McManus up while his hands were still around McManus’ neck.”
The police report then says it took four cops to break MacLean’s grip, wrestle him to the floor and handcuff him over snarls of “Get the f@#$ off of me; get the f@#$ off of me.”
[Note: the “F” word was edited in this press release and not in the original article]

John Paul “J.P.” Ledesma is a proponent of the recall and has a record of opposing a staff recommendation to reduce the number of deputies in the City’s contract.

Mission Viejo has consistently been recognized as one of the safest cities of its size in California and the nation. John Paul “J.P.” Ledesma was first elected to the City Council in 1998 and has supported every increase to the Police Services contract with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The recall election will be held on February 2, 2010.


Gilbert note. While we have covered some of these documented issues in Juice posts, I did not particpate in writing this Press Release and am sharing it with Juice readers as it was received this morning.

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