Lousy timing on COX recall debate

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Tonight COX Communications is conducting a short, three sided Q & A program that apparently is tied to the ongoing RECALL of Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean.

While they chose not to use their traditional

 format, having host Terry Wedel interviewing every candidate, this is not their agenda as stated by me yesterday.

Let me cut to the chase. This is the wrong time for this type of educational programming. According to the ROV thousands of votes have already been cast in our city’s recall election.

If you wish to debate the good, bad and the ugly of recalls it should be part of the CA Constitutional Convention.

Why didn’t COX cover this topic when it had statewide implications before (or after) the governor Davis recall?

Why didn’t COX air a program on this  topic before (or after) the recall of Assemblyman Anthony Adams recall of last year?

In fact, if they are addressing a more local community did they offer any similar program before (or after) the June 7, 1996 successful recall election in the city of Fullerton? NO!

Why is it vital now as many voters have already cast their votes?

If the objective is to influence voters, than it is unconscionable to schedule a last minute program with a professor explaining the recall process, along with both sides representatives and selectively targeting the current effort without having any of the three key players involved. Lance MacLean, Dave Leckness and Dale Tyler.

Speaking for myself, having interviewed both of the recall challengers, I am disappointed that voters in Mission Viejo will miss the opportunity to see for themselves if my Orange Juice interviews were on target.

Unlike the General Election later this year, when COX will possibly interview up to 8 or 10 candidates running for city council in every local city, at most we are speaking of a single program with two candidates and mayor MacLean being given an opportunity to address this Special Election issues. Why didn’t COX perform this public service?

Final post comment. Voters should not be forced to live with any elected official for his or her entire term in office if they can justify the removal of that individual.

If you don’t like Ballot Initiatives or the recall process, change the California Constitution.

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