Harry, this election is lost.

I think Harry Reid deserves to lose his Senate Seat. I have contributed to Danny Tarkanian’s Senate race against Mr. Reid. Not because Tarkanian’s Republican, but because Harry Reid is so willing to lose his Senate seat over Health Care. The more he pushes the lower he goes. Nothing will be more damaging in our lifetime as the government management of 1/6 of the economy. The blind dogma he is following is akin to the GOP giving up a majority in order to pass abortion restrictions. Republicans have every right to insist that Harry Reid resign as Senate Majority leader for many reasons. But, I don’t think what Harry Reid was racist. It was a private statement about what kind of African American can best become President.

Republicans who have jumped on this bandwagon are making a grave mistake. The impulse to judge a person’s private comments is a totalitarian urge of the left they should not share. Its the East German Stazi in every cafe and every street corner. Its your friend informing on you for an open conversation you had that can be taken to be politically incorrect. What Harry Reid said in private is no indication of his character or anything else. What means something are his actions. Richard Nixon said appalling things in the Oval Office, but saved Israel from destruction during one of its wars. For Republicans to join Leftists and race-baiters in the fracas of making America the opposite of the open, freedom-loving and individualist nation that made it great makes me very sad.

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