GOP Leadership Still Doesn’t Get it

OC GOP Legislator of the Year John Campbell apologizes for his bailout votes

California’s GOP leadership still doesn’t get it.  That’s the message from the Orange County GOP Central Committee, who have voted Rep. John Campbell “Legislator of the Year”.  Campbell, who has supported numerous bailouts (including Cash for Clunkers), appears to share the GOP establishment’s fiscal conservative principles, or lack thereof.  Whether in OC, Sacramento, or Washington, the center-right appears to have few friends in the political establishments.

The Citizen Power Campaign learned this same lesson, last week, in lobbying for endorsements from Sacramento conservatives.  Assemblyman Dan Logue (AD 3), a famous grand-stander against illegal immigration and California’s global warming law, cravenly declined to endorse the Citizen Power Initiative until it looks like a sure thing – the very opposite of leadership.  Logue made it clear that he feared reprisal from the public employee unions.  While this underscores the need for the measure (which will help restore taxpayer power over Sacramento’s out of control unions), it also typifies a GOP “leadership” that puts its political position before principle.

The GOP appears to hope that voters will ignore the GOP leadership’s actions and listen to its words, instead.  OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has promised to make a speech to the (Campbell-loving) OC Central Committee tonight that is “The most important speech of [his] life”.  For those unable to attend the meeting tonight (Irvine Hyatt at 7:00 PM), a live video stream and twitter feed will be available.  The center-right can expect powerful oratory and thunderous applause, followed by politics as usual.

Update: Notwithstanding the Committee’s ludicrous award to Campbell, they have invited Citizen Power Campaign spokesman Mark Meckler to speak at the meeting; and there are rumored to be “unexpected fireworks”.

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