UPDATE: Deputy Sheriff’s union spent $70,877 opposing MV recall

Wayne Quint has an expensive crush on Lance MacLean

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Amazing. I have just reviewed the Mission Viejo Feb 2nd recall election candidate filings for the period ending Jan 16th. After adding a late contribution by the OCSD union, dated Jan 20th, it raises their total expenditure to $63,432 to support Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean and opposing the citizen recall.

UPDATE: In contacting the union PAC Treasurer in SAC today, Jan 27th, I was told that they had another Late Contribution of $7,454 on Jan 22nd.

Some facts have been completely ignored by union president Wayne Quint who is also a close friend of councilman Frank Ury. Frank publicly stated they would be fighting back to block the recall and Wayne Quint has provided the deep pockets.

Let me introduce some older facts that are not related to the recall but do impact the OCSD.

On Sept 20, 2002, motor officer Sgt. Matt Davis was killed in the line of duty while riding south along Marguerite Parkway towards Crown Valley Parkway. I was at Mission Hospital that night and saw former sheriff Mike Carona enter to meet with and pay his respects to the family.

In memory of that fallen officer the city wanted to honor Matt by renaming one of our parks in his name. On Nov. 21, 2005 “Camino Largo” park was renamed “Sergeant Matt Davis Park.”

Note: The union supports Lance today while he turned his back on the rank and file as documented below.

Renaming of the park. Voting was as follows:

AYES: Kelley, Ledesma and Reavis
NOES: MacLean and Ury

After that rejection Lance MacLean voted NO during the July 2, 2007 budget meeting to add two “dues paying” OCSD deputies to serve in our city.
I wonder if Frank shared that information with president Quint.

With regard to the first charge in recall election. It took four police to get Lance to take his hands off the neck of a fellow UCI Director, wrestle him to the ground, and place him in handcuffs as he swore to get their hands off of him.

This documented charge relates to his anger management problems. In addressing this issue in the Register Lance would only say that he “paid a dear price for the mistake” yet failed to elaborate on what occurred or the “price paid” which I believe was his early departure from UCI after 27 years.

Another episode resulted in councilman Frank Ury calling the police to take a report relating to a MacLean confrontation with Diane Greenwood, Frank’s protege in the 2006 election where Frank the chameleon tried to remove Lance MacLean, John Paul Ledesma and Trish Kelley.

The good news is that this should all be over in 12 days.

Where does Larry stand on this Special Election?

I thought you would never ask.

Knowing all of the players for many years, and looking out for the best interests of our city, I have voted to recall Lance and cast my Ballot for Dale Tyler, a conservative Republican endorsed by the California Republican Assembly over Democrat Dave Leckness based on our long history and supported by my challenger interviews that were posted back in November.

One other factoid from today’s 460’s. Lance MacLean has accepted a $4,000 contribution from the Apartment Association of OC PAC at a time when our building Moratorium to protect and preserve one of our golf courses is about to expire. A developer has expressed interest in converting all or part of that public golf course into some form of housing.

We will be voting in the June election on a Ballot Measure called the “Right to Vote” Initiative which gives residents a say in controlling major planning and zoning decisions.

What is the “quid pro quo” for the OCSD deputies union for this massive outlay to protect a man with acknowledged anger management history. And the $64,000 question for MV voters is quite simple. Who can say if or when Lance is unable to control his anger while performing a city function that could result in a massive lawsuit against our city in which the council and staff are well aware of his history.

We can’t afford to take that risk.

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